what's your word of 2019
Word of the Year

What’s Your Word of 2019 ?#woty #woty2019

For the last few years I’ve been hosting this link up asking you to share your Word of the Year. This year too, I have been encouraging people to find a word or a phrase that speaks to them and that they can focus on through 2019. What’s your word of 2019?

What’s Your Word of 2019 ?

what's your word of 2019

I will share my word for 2019 in another post. Today, I’m going to do a short review of my phrase for 2018.

Did I Create Peacefully In 2018?

Yes, my phrase for 2018 was ‘Create Peacefully‘. As you might realize from some of my earlier posts, the first half of 2018 was hardly peaceful. Just getting over the loss of my Mom in September 2017, I lost my Dad in April 2018. The months during their illness were hard for a variety of reasons – and I made some of the most difficult choices I’ve ever made, to keep sane.

Apart from these very real losses, I also realized in March 2018, that the NGO I had been working with was rife with injustice and corruption. Having to blow the whistle to the Board and finding that they were all party to the situation, was energy sapping. What made this situation harder, was that this was an NGO that many years ago I had been part of creating. I walked out and I’m really glad I did.

Things began to settle down, when in July we got the devastating news that my Dad’s brother was terminally ill with cancer. We lost him almost a month to the day of his diagnosis. That he was the youngest of my uncles, and was the priest who performed both my parents’ funerals, made the loss even harder. Even as I type this, I find myself sobbing.

But we are all stronger than we realize, aren’t we? We moved house. I continued to blog all through the year and yes, I did manage to create something special after all. I must credit my husband for his constant nudging, pushing, and most of all his support and love.

The Frangipani Creative

Yes, I’ve created an offline space for myself – I’ve called it The Frangipani Creative – in the housing colony that I live in, a quiet space to work and create. It’s also a space where I will be welcoming offline clients in the new year. More details about this space will follow. For now, I’m enjoying the peace and quiet of it.

Share Your Word of 2019

So you see choosing a word of the year actually works! Today, if you haven’t found a word/phrase already, spend some time in reflection and find your word of 2019. Then write a post sharing it and add it to the linky or simply share your word/phrase in the comments below.

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20 Comments on “What’s Your Word of 2019 ?#woty #woty2019

  1. Last year, I chose HOPE and FAITH. And, with all that was going on in my life this year, yes, these two words reminded me of their presence as I walked my way in the dark. And, from all that I learned this year, I have chosen Carpe Diem as my word for 2019. I just want to live in the moment and do my best each day….That’s it! I don’t want to think about the results, the future…anything. I just don’t want to THINK. Period.

    Hugs to you, Corinne, for all that you had to go through. LIfe, sure, is one tough journey. And, at times, when I think about it all, I just want to run away. But, where can I run away??


  2. Till when is this linky open? Would love to take part.
    Corinne I know what difficult time you went through. Losing parents and a dear uncle is not easy but you are a strong girl and you took everything in your stride. Professionally also it was challenging and you emerged victoriously. Throughout the year you helped others (including myself) in many ways. You are an inspiration to many. I am curious to know your word for 2019.

  3. If I have to sum up your year in one word, it would be challenging. Hugs to you for the personal loss. I understand the pain of losing a near one. But you are a strong lady and I know your word for 2019 will be victory. All the best for your new venture.

  4. Hugs, Corinne and loads of hugs. You had a difficult year. I wish the very best for you to create peacefully in 2019 with The Frangipani Creative. May your work go in complete tandem with your plans and you have a satisfying 2019.
    The last time I chose a word of the year was 2015. Considering how lost I had been in 2018, I know I have to reflect and choose my word for 2019. I will put it together for Monday Musings.

  5. So sorry to hear about your irreparable loss, Corinne. Hugs. For me, the WOTY will be “Let go”. 2018 was a mixed bag of emotions for me…achievement, deception, happiness, depression etc. This year I have decided to let go of the things and people and stay stress-free.

  6. Hugs Corinne. There are hardly words that I can share here to sooth and comfort the loss you have been through. So I won’t try. But I will tell you that I admire you for your strength and I will always look up to you as a pillar who holds people/communities together. Big hugs from me.
    I am looking forward to hearing more about Frangipani. I am following your updates on IG and you know I will always cheer for you. May you create peacefully all that you want.
    Carpe Diem!

    My word – my mind boggles with words, ideas so I never pick one. 🙂 I find it better to juggle with the many themes in my mind. I am sure you know now. <3

  7. My deepest sympathies for the losses and sadness you have endured, Corinne. ♥ I know you have the strength to overcome. As for choosing a word or catchphrase for the year, at this stage in my life, I’d rather just “go with the flow”. Oh – I guess that can be the phrase, yes? 😀

  8. Oh I wish I could visit you at the Frangipani creative.Please accept my prayers for your family. The loss of parents can be hard.
    The word of the year does help guide. I will be linking up soon.

  9. Sorry to know about your losses-so much in one year.But then,as you say,one does not know how much inner strength one has.
    My own experience of an NGO too was dismal.
    All the best for your new venture.

  10. I am so sad that this is the post I am visiting you for the first time. Hope the new year is so much better for you ! and thank you for this thought and inspiration to guide the whole year.

  11. I’m so sorry that you had such a difficult year, Corinne. You are an amazing person showing such strength and inspiring others with your grace. I’m glad that you had a good support system when you needed it. Wishing you a peaceful year ahead with lots of creativity and happiness your way! <3

  12. I love how our word of the year holds space for us in ways we could never have anticipated. My word for 2018 was Bloom, and it had a very gentle yet firm way of helping me to open up to my potential and gifts. I’m looking forward to this year, and to seeing how my word for 2019 supports my growth. Wish you all the very best with The Frangipani Creative, and I hope 2019 is good to you! xx

  13. Last year is gone.
    A new one has begun.
    I wish you tons of happiness and lots of fun.
    Have a great year, Corinne.
    Thanks for ‘Word of the year’ 🙂

  14. Hugs Corinne. You are tough my dear. I am not sure how I made it though 2018, and I didn’t have any real problems to deal with. Just the usual health and anxiety issues. I guess that makes the word of the year pretty easy for me. It’s going to be HEALTH. I will be writing a post about it soon.

    This is Jyothi. in a new Avatar. Hope the new year brings in more joy and hapiness to you.

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