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You Don’t Need More Space #MondayMusings

I’ve spent the last few days finally getting together the figures for my pending income tax submissions. While I was doing that, I realized that I had been storing a lot of ‘just in case’ documents which could easily be binned. I spent most of yesterday tearing up papers. Oh the joy of shedding things we don’t need!

Last month, we decided that we needed a cupboard since we were running out of storage space. As you might know we’re staying in a rented place and it makes no sense to buy new furniture, since all our furniture is lying in our home in Mumbai. While we considered borrowing a somewhat unused cupboard from my parents, I’ve looked at the space we do have and wondering why we need more. If I organize things better, we’d have more space. If I get rid of some more stuff, we’d have ample space.

I’m not much of a hoarder. But we buy stores in bulk, since it cost effective. It does get tempting to buy things we don’t need immediately or at all! Online too, it’s so tempting to store all sorts of information and links, some of which we’ll never read or act on.

You don’t need more space. You need less stuff. – Joshua Becker

My word for this year is SIMPLIFY.  And that’s precisely what I’m trying to do in all areas of my life. Part of the process of simplifying is to shed and not buy unnecessary stuff.  I’ve also decided not spend my efforts on blogging challenges that take so much of my time. I’m trying to focus on the essentials of my writing – work towards making if more authentic and effective. And working on building community, which is such a large part of blogging.

I’m making space for the essentials and pruning off what I don’t need. It’s taking time, but I’m glad I’ve started.

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Do you regularly get rid of stuff you don’t need? 


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40 Comments on “You Don’t Need More Space #MondayMusings

  1. Corinne, It’s an alarming post for me. I have to get rid of stuffs stacking in almost all rooms in my home. Thanks for reminding me. I really love your word of the year approach for blogging too.

  2. Thank you Corinne for introducing me to this guy Joshua Becker. And it will help me in the long run. We are planning the decoration of a new place. The furniture we are planning is actually clogging up lot of space. But now, with the new approach, I really think I can do away with a lot of new cupboards / wardrobes. Better planning to use best of existing resources will save me money, space and future maintenance. Thanks again.

    1. I’m glad this spoke to you, Lata. It’s easy to get carried away when you’re redecorating.
      When we were doing our home, we left the sitting room for last, using old furniture until we found just the right furniture at Oshiwara three years later! 😉

  3. Oh my favourite sentence according to my family is “pitch it out! ” . Sadly half the stuff I’ve stored is NOT mine at all. There’s a lot of stuff we can do without .

  4. I have been looking at a lot of minimalist home decor… and it looks really beautiful with just few items. It’s true we need less stuff… I myself need to be careful of that because I am sure I have hoarder genes 🙂

  5. Income Tax Returns !! Its that time of the year again :/

    I just started working as a freelancer, which means I have to handle all my taxes myself and its scary as hell 🙁

    Yesterday, I bought a waffle maker online, just because I was missing that ‘waffle smell’. And I know exactly what you mean when you say ‘declutter’

    1. Yes, it is and I was a year behind, Ritika. My advice, get an auditor to do it. Most often they’ll find a way for you to get a tax refund and that will certainly cover the cost of their fees!
      Hope you make loads of waffles to justify your purchase! 😉

  6. It’s interesting trying to find that balance of how much is enough? I hope you find exactly the right amount of time for what you want to do with your blog and for what you want to do with the extra stuff at home x

  7. I can’t tell you how timely this post is for me. I am super-challenged in organization, which is a big problem. I am trying hard to let go of “stuff” that i have had for a long time.

  8. Laaawd, my husband thinks I’m a hoarder, I happen to beg to differ. Although, when I look around, I do see that there’s room for some improvement. Thanks for the nudge.
    BTW,,,,I think I’m going to participate in the #MondayMusings hop (if I can get it together in time before Monday runs out.)

    Glad I happened upon you.

    Frantastically Fran!

    1. Fran, first off, you’re welcome to take part in this hop – the linky is opened until the end of the week. We do this every week.
      I think my husband and I have worked on not pointing out stuff to each other, but we did have lots of problems at the start of our marriage. He tends not to throw things out and I am quite the thrower, except when it comes to stationery! 😉

  9. I do get rid of stuff, off to charity shops or garbage but stillI think not enough. When I open my desk drawer, how many pens are there? Do I need them all? You get my idea there is room to clean out and simplify.
    One of the benefits of tax time is getting all the past year papers together and like you did , sort what you have to save and toss the rest!

  10. Great thoughts and I align with you in most of the ways you have mentioned. I am also not a hoarder and I keep giving away to make room. That has helped me stay almost organized in a small 1BHK for over 5 years now. Simplification is important. Blogging challenges is where I want to push myself, meet new people and write all along 🙂

    1. Great, Parul. It is easy if you keep things simple.
      About blogging challenges, I love them. And absolutely agree about why bloggers should do them. But I feel the time has come for me not to do the month-long types any more.

  11. Oh Corinne, how simply put! I can empathize with the need to simplify one’s life both materialistically and holistically! I do try to do it once in a blue moon… of the time, I guess I get lost in the moment and get carried away! Anyway this reminds me, I gotta clear my wardrobe….uff!!

  12. You know Corinne , I’ve been keeping so many documents, papers & receipts which I know I’ll never need but still can’t bring myself to throwing them.. But when I’m back home I’ll change that and reclaim some space from clutter.. If not anything it will be detoxing for me..

  13. That is so well said Corinne.. It happens with all of us, where we store in lots of stuff and later throw it off. O yes, that’s a total pleasure. Wouldn’t be wonderful if we keep on doing this ritual more often, to see the amount of space we have!

    Loved the write up 🙂


  14. Thanks for the great advice, Corinne! My husband and I are terrible pack rats and we hang on to things much too long. Same applies to online files and this is a timely reminder to get better organized.

  15. Corinne, I’m always so happy to purge. We rent a dumpster each spring and fill it up! I love getting rid of stuff. Its hard for my husband who’s a hoarder, but even he sees that its nice to be lighter. Thanks for the reminder.

  16. I am a super lazy bum who also thinks too much . Except for books and kitchen consumables, I put a more than considerable amount of time thinking whether I really need a particular thing and it becomes so tiring thinking and thinking that I for sure drop the idea of buying. This helps in saving me from adding clutter. Hehehe. I clear unwanted receipts and papers once in a year.

  17. Hi Corinne! You know I appreciate your perspective on this….I think the more we let go of things just taking up space in our lives, the more room we have for what really matters. And yes, tax time is the perfect time to go through all that extra paper that we just have sititng around. Good for you for focusing on simplfying and what is essential. I’m convinced that is something that serves us all very well. ~Kathy

  18. I agree Corinne that we do not need more space, just fewer things – except in the case of books 😀
    What you said is also true in case of people we hold on to, we don’t necessarily need them – they don’t need us. We just hold on for the fear of letting go and being free for a while.
    Just my thought.

  19. Must have been a great feeling to get rid of some stuff. However that keeping of things – just in case is something I indulge in. Every now and again I decide to throw away those things and guess what? I need them the very next day. Seriously. So it’s never worked well for me.

  20. Hi, so true, we don’t need more space, we need less stuff. we need to get rid of stuff that piles up so we can focus more on what is truly essential. Thanks for sharing you perspective. Great Read.

  21. I am pretty good about getting rid of un-needed papers and shredding old bills and the like. My hubby, however, wants to save EVERYTHING! I have to be stealthy sometimes. Great reminder of keeping life simple!

  22. with downsizing our home I had to really work out what I wanted to take with us when we moved. It made me assess what was really important to me. That was last September. Now I am 2 weeks away from officially moving in to the new home I am again re assessing what matters. I just want to live a simpler life, we don’t need so many of the things we carry do we! I am looking forward to seeing up my home in a much more simpler way surrounded by natural elements that calm our lives. Lovely post xx

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