the winds of grace
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The Winds Of Grace #MondayMusings #MondayBlogs

The winds of Grace are always blowing, we need only raise our sails. – Sri Ramakrishna
Grace and gratitude. Two words that carry with them a lot of meaning for me. I’ve written about them time and again.
the winds of grace
Grace, unlike being some soft and peaceful force we  want it to be, can sometimes assume the form of the most painful of situations we have to endure. That we can go through the pain and come out stronger and with grateful hearts is what Grace is truly all about.
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We often dread things and wonder how we would face them. The loss of a loved one, a fatal illness, a sudden loss of all that we have saved, heartbreak, loss of friendship, the consequences of our mistakes – these are the things we fear. And when they visit us and we are able to endure and go through them, we experience grace. Last week, two men passed away. Both of cancer. John McCain and my Dad’s youngest brother (the fourth death in a year for our family). John McCain had a long and painful illness. My Uncle passed within a month of his diagnosis. What struck me about both men was that they were prepared to die and they did so with fortitude. Both of them planned their own funerals – down to the detail of who would speak about them! My Uncle, a Catholic priest and a moral theologian, drew on his faith and his experience of counseling the sick and the dying. And yet, it must have been hard to accept his illness and imminent death. When I met him last month, I was struck by how much he was trying to do whatever he could to prolong his life, and yet was prepared for whatever was in store for him. Yes, the winds of grace were calling him to raise his sails and he did! And in this, he set an example for us. Since June 2017, it appears that the winds of grace have been blowing my way with full force, asking me to raise my sails! I confess I am struggling with grief and loss, trying to stay afloat. I’m grateful for love and friendship that keeps me going, but most of all I’m grateful for Grace.  

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12 Comments on “The Winds Of Grace #MondayMusings #MondayBlogs

  1. I admire such kind of grace, not everyone can cope with situations of the kind that well. It’s difficult enough for the near and dear ones to deal with a loss they’re about to face, I can only imagine the state of mind of the one leaving them. At such times, I think a pre-funeral is to be conducted so that everyone can speak in his presence rather than after he’s left. We all deserve to know how much we’re loved before we leave.

  2. Grace and gratitude are two sides of the same coin. It is usually only the grateful that are sensitive enough to notice the grace.

    Just hang in there. You’ll be okay.
    Love and strength to you and your loved ones!

  3. Hugs to you Corinne. I remember my mother’s advise to me when going through the struggling phase of my life.’God sets different question paper of life for every human being. If He finds you worthy of handling a difficult situations than others, He would check how correct He was. And the result of this exam is always a reward in terms of of inner strength. Dont fail Him in his belief! And think that you are the chosen one to solve it, not all are worthy of this test!’
    I know you have been the chosen one by Him this time around and I know you will resurface all the more stronger, ready to take on the life by horn!
    Things are about to change for good sooner than you think.
    And one more thing…I so wish to die like your Uncle, Corinne. So aware of the nearing end, yet full of life. May his soul rest in peace.

  4. Hugs Corinne. Death in a family is always painful but the cherry on cake is the positive attitude of your uncle in facing death or preparing for it. I am amazed at such wonderful human beings. Take your time to grief.

  5. I can imagine what you are going through Corinne. Many hugs. The year my father passed away, there were 6 deaths in the family (all close members) – dad, 2 uncles, 3 aunts. It was as though they all came together and left together. It was a tough year for us. It’s true that the tough times make us stronger, but I do often wish we could learn in a nicer happier way. This post touched my heart.

  6. Hugs, Corinne! I wish you tide through this trying time with fortitude and grace and know that there is wisdom in accepting things that we cannot control or change! It is one of the biggest challenges in life when we come face to face with sudden events that throw our normal lives completely out of control. I’ve been at the deep end for the past three months and more and I Know that things will continue to be that way for some more time. So, I must learn to accept what life brings my way with grace and humility and courage. Let grace and gratitude lead the way for us.

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