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Why Do Memory Foam Pillows Help You Sleep Better?

It is surprising how many people choose their mattress and bed sheets with care but pay little attention to the quality of their pillows. Of course, a comfortable mattress is one of the key components to getting a great night’s sleep but if you are sleeping on inadequately supported pillows, you may be risking pain building up in your neck.

Some pillows are soft to the point of providing no support and other pillows can be so robust that they force the head into unnatural positions and this can lead to waking up with a real pain in the neck. We think that everyone should get the most out of their pillows and each pillow should be soft enough to be comfortable but with enough support to carefully cradle the head and neck, preventing sore and tired muscles and joints.

memory pillow

Why Do Memory Foam Pillows Help You Sleep Better?

Memory foam pillows are the ideal accompanying comfort to any bed. Made from uniquely designed material first developed by NASA, memory foam pillows carefully align every small bone in your neck to ensure that the head and neck are held perfectly in place, no matter which position you sleep in. The material moulds itself smoothly to every curve of your head, ears and neck to provide the ultimate in support and after a night or two sleeping on a memory foam pillow, it could be a revelation to the sleeping space.

There is no need to worry about overheating, as the foam is created from breathable material in order to keep the body and head at the perfect temperature. With a range of smooth pillowcases available to provide that extra layer of luxury, pillows have never been so versatile. Moulding to each curve time after time and springing back into shape when not in use, a relaxing sleep is easy to achieve no matter which way you turn in your sleep.

Ideally, a memory foam mattress and pillow should be used in conjunction to give absolute maximum satisfaction and a perfect night’s sleep. Memory foam reduces pressure build up around joints and a good night’s sleep means that things are easier to deal with during the day, tiredness can be a big problem if sleeplessness occurs over time. With a memory foam pillow it could be easier to achieve a restful sleep due to the design of the material so tossing and turning could be a thing of the past.

We know that sleep is important and anything that provides a soothing and relaxing method of getting to sleep is a very valuable thing indeed. Memory foam is such an innovative material and could be the answer to struggling to sleep as it allows the body to feel a sense almost of weightlessness and cushioned softly it is easier to sleep and quality of sleep will be higher. Of course, the best way to find the benefits of memory foam pillows is to try one for yourself so why not see how your sleep could be transformed with the power of this wonder foam?

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25 Comments on “Why Do Memory Foam Pillows Help You Sleep Better?

  1. Informative post!

    Yes indeed, sleep IS important and many of us aren’t able to sleep well sometimes due to the kind of pillow we use, which might hurt our neck and back too. This often results in a dull day ahead because of the lack of, or disturbed sleep at night. I guess memory foam pillow seems like the right answer, though I’ve also heard people who sleep wonderfully well without using any pillows at all. Or perhaps they are used to it from earlier on. 🙂

    Thanks for sharing. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Harleena! You’re so right. At times we don’t realize that we have adopted an uncomfortable sleeping posture until our body creaks the next morning. I too am going to investigate the memory pillow that Joe has written about.

  2. I’ll take the memory foam pillow and mattress and get a good, quality night’s rest for sure. I have to agree that when it comes to our beds and pillows we should not “skimp” on the quality. I know people who have spent thousands on a quality mattress and they swear that their sleep has improved because of it.

  3. Hi Corinne

    I give great importance to my sleep and for that matter, I have my own pillow which I cannot share with my family members and that suits me only. Memory Foam pillow seems to be something to look for.

    Thanks for sharing this great info.


  4. Danny and I rely on very flat pillows to rest our heads. Anything puffy or non-conforming is sure to result in a restless sleep. We do need to replace these, so will look into the memory foam for a replacement. Thanks for the guest post, Joe, and for sharing here, Corinne!

      1. Not a cheap option, but definitely better than memory foam and it is called pure latex bliss. If you pay over $100.00 for a king size and it and it comes in soft and medium, you have the correct one. There is also the Indulgence pillow for side sleepers at BB&B (1/2 the price)that is a close second for a flatter pillow with some support.

  5. Hi Corinne,
    It seems I will check out this Memory Foam pillow you recommended here because the current pillow I’m using always cause me neck pains, I had to do away with them.

    Thanks for sharing.

  6. Memory foam pillows are just as beneficial as memory foam mattresses. As an insomniac, I wouldn’t change from memory foam for anything!

  7. hi , i have had my memory foam pillow for 1 year now and although it was heaven compared to the feathered pillows i had been using, these past 8 weeks have been a nightmare with my neck in agony and causing the most horrendous headaches . Memory Foam pillows are not THAT great. i think the one to go for if you are to buy one will be the small one with that wave through it. but dont use it on top of a normal pillow. i have the memory foam pillow that is the same shape as a normal pillow and its rather big and maybe its not as supportive as that little one with the wave . Hope this helps .

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