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Who Invented Stress?

I’m wondering who invented stress. Whoever it was, must have been one crazy person, don’t you think?
However, if you think about deeply, each of us ‘invents’ stress for ourselves. Like most things in life we can choose to ‘buy’ it or not. The problem is that most of us have become stress addicts. We need stress to feel normal. We invent

Now just to share from our recent experience. José and I signed on for a basic Spanish course. We go for classes thrice a week. The reason we signed on? 
  • To learn basic Spanish in case we travel to a country where a basic knowledge would make our holiday easier.
  • To give our minds a work out – learning a new language helps the brain! 
  • To meet new people – interact with a different set of people.
  • And most importantly to have fun!
The course is a lot of fun. Spanish is a great language and not too difficult to learn. And we have a good teacher and a nice group of fellow students. So it’s worth our time. But…….

Then we started stressing out about finishing the homework (not compulsory but helpful) and trying to memorize stuff and worry about the forthcoming exams……..crazy, no? 

Today we asked ourselves – what would happen if we failed? Nada. So we’ve decided to once again start enjoying the classes and learning for the joy of it. 

The Universe does not require you to stress for good things ~ Alan Cohen

My learning for today: the next time I’m stressed about something, I’ll stop and ask myself why I’m stressed and whether it’s worth it. I’m sure my answer will be : NO

I’m making a serious effort not to invent stress for myself. What about you?

May you be inspired – everyday!

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