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What Was It Like To Be You In 2016? #MondayMusings

It seems like I’ve asked a lot of questions these days. But don’t you worry, I don’t ask you any questions that I haven’t already posed to myself. Today’s question is one that I asked myself as I’m looked back on 2016 (yes, it’s almost over) and looking ahead to 2017.

My Word of The Year

My word for this year is simplify. When I asked myself if I had done that this year, I was quick to reply in the negative. But then, I stopped and thought about it a lot more. I realized that I had indeed simplified but not in the way I had  envisioned at the start of the year.

I’ve actually done a lot more this year, including working two to three days out of home in the second part of the year, after an almost 10 year gap of being a homebody.

Difficult, but worth it

I’ve simplified in one area that I had struggled with for years – in my relationships with some people. I’ve learned how to deal with them, not allowing them to drain me emotionally, keeping things simple. Believe me, it’s not been easy, but I’m so glad that I’ve succeeded. I’m much happier and more at peace. No longer bound by ‘shoulds’ but ruled by choice.

So being me in 2016 was not exactly easy, but every step was worth it, because it brought me a lot closer to being ME.

What was it like to be YOU in 2016?


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Reflections From Me

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7 Comments on “What Was It Like To Be You In 2016? #MondayMusings

  1. This question has been on my mind recently and I intended to write a post on it. But a post can wait. I will tell you this year saw me healed of all the pain and hurt I had endured for years. One fine morning I wake up to find my heart feeling lighter, as if a heavy weight had been lifted. I tried recalling past incidences of hurt but all of them had vanished. I found myself capable of dealing with my physical illnesses while playing the role of a single parent and still staying sane. My heart is forever filled with gratitude to you Corinne and Write Tribe for accepting me as I am and giving me love when I needed it most. Thank you.

  2. For the better half of the year I was trying hard to make my what-after-school decision, and the other half was spent getting used to the change of air. At the start of the year what I needed desperately was some focus, and I believe I am better focused now than I was earlier. 🙂 Time flies!

  3. I like the word of this year. So simple and yet so tough to implement. Relationships are easy to handle if they are kept simple… but that’s never the case. They involve a whole new level of complications. Glad you were able to sort them out 🙂

  4. My word for 2016 is change. I have changed to a stay at home mom from a working woman, moved to a new location, made new friends and starting a new career altogether. Didn’t think of these many changes in the same year, but feels good to survive 🙂

  5. This year saw me learning a lot of things,especially blogging.Nearing my first blog anniversary.In that way,it has been quite a significant year.I did have my negative moments too.But as they say,let bygones be bygones

  6. Corrine , I think being me was exhausting this year . I had taken on so much that I crashed. I didn’t choose a word but if there ever was one it would be phoenix . I crashed and burnt and have literally put myself back and now I am the best version of myself that I have been in ages. I loved the idea behind this post 🙂
    what’s your word for 2017? I have taken up ’embrace’ .. lets see how it treats me!

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