What to Pack for a Winter Snow Holiday

What to Pack for a Winter Snow Holiday

Packing for a holiday can be stressful but for a winter snow holiday, there is even more to think about, especially for those who have never been on a winter holiday before. Unlike a summer vacation where bikinis and shorts will fit in your suitcase no problem, winter snow holidays bring with it the problem of what to bring and how much. Winter clothes are obviously a whole lot bigger, but if you plan and ensure you have just the right amount, you’ll be warm, comfortable and stylish whilst on the slopes. Here is everything you need to know before packing for your winter snow holiday.

What to Pack for a Winter Snow Holiday


Staying Warm with Base Layers

The good thing about base layers is they are thin, small, and easily fit in your suitcase but keep you extremely warm. It is so important on a winter holiday to stay warm, especially if you are participating in any winter sports such as skiing. A few thermal tops will keep you warm for the duration of your holiday, and the good thing is you don’t need to spend a fortune. After all, these are going to be underneath your clothes, so if you aren’t too fussed about what they look like, you can pick up thermal tops for as little as $10. For your legs, a pair of thermal leggings will keep you extra warm. If you aren’t going somewhere overly cold or you are spending the day eating and drinking in whichever resort or town you are visiting, leggings will do the job just as well.

A Snow Jacket

This is what is going to keep you the warmest throughout your time in the snow and, therefore, you want something that is affordable, comfortable, and stylish. If you are going to ski or snowboard, you should go for a snow sports jacket, as these are made to be waterproof. Remember to not get too caught up in just how a jacket looks either, although the style is important. This is the one item you are going to be wearing every single day and this means you need to love your jacket and love how you look in it. There are many jackets that are stylish and practical.

Winter Warmers

There are many added extras you can purchase to keep yourself warm and add some style to your look. Gloves are always essential on winter holidays, as your hands will be the most exposed. It’s best to buy a pair that is waterproof if you are skiing, especially in the snow. If you do not want to miss any photo opportunity moments, you can even buy gloves that are touchscreen friendly. For those budding photographers who want to take photos of their beautiful surroundings, these are warm and practical, as most people know removing gloves every five minutes to use a smartphone or camera can get frustrating. A hat and scarf will also help to keep you warm and can easily be taken off if you are getting too warm.

Night Life

Just because you are in the snow does not mean you won’t experience the nightlife! Once you are cozied up next to the warm fire in the local pub having a pint, you will no longer need such warm clothes. It’s still not advisable to dress too risqué as you are in the snow. The best way to dress for a night out, meal or any other social outing is warm but stylish. Your jacket will keep you most warm from the journey between your hotel or chalet to the pub, so remember to get one you love!

For those who want to look luxurious on their trip, SSENSE have some gorgeous and comfortable designer down coats for both men and women, from brands such as Acne Studios and Off-White. Invest in a down coat and you will be warm and toasty when you hit the après-ski nightlife.

Boots are your best bet for walking over the snow, although these should be flat. High heels and ice do not mix. Knee high boots are a warm, comfortable and fashion-conscious option. Teamed with tights and a thick dress, this is just the right amount of clothing, so you are not overheated whilst inside, but you aren’t too cold for the walk home.

Never Forget SPF

One of the biggest items overlooked when packing for a winter holiday is SPF. You should always protect your skin, as regardless of how cold it is, the sun does still shine. For those venturing up into the mountains, this is especially important. Perhaps think about getting a moisturizer with SPF, so you can keep your skin hydrated and protected, as the cold can really dry out your skin.

Packing for a winter holiday is a lot easier once you’ve got the essentials. If you’re still unsure, ask family and friends who have been before and don’t forget most resorts and towns will sell gloves, hats and anything else you may need if you forget anything.

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