What Are You Making Time For
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What Are You Making Time For?

What are you making time for? This is a question I’m directing at myself.

We’ve been very particular and cautious about our interactions during this pandemic, but a visit to a pathology lab for a routine blood test, saw me getting the ‘flu and then passing it on to Jose! This has set us back physically. But I also suspect that we’re suffering from mental fatigue because of 20 odd months of feeling ‘locked in’.

Through the year, I’ve been making a lot of plans and trying, often unsuccessfully, to get things off the ground – a podcast, courses, etc. Also, I’ve invested in material and a community that I don’t seem to do justice to in the last two months. Somehow, with all the work at home, I barely make it to the studio twice a week. It often feels like I’m going through the motions of blogging as well.

All this brings me to ask myself: what are you making time for?

What Are You Making Time For?

Rumi wrote, “The heart eats a particular food from every companion; it receives a particular nourishment from every piece of knowledge.” I realised I needed to find out what nourishment my activities give me.

a. I looked at my schedule (the actual one!) and saw how I spent most of my time.

b. Also, how I felt when I’m doing these activities – at peace and light-hearted, or did an activity make me feel agitated and stressed?

c. I’m making a list of things that I really enjoy doing and haven’t been doing enough of.

To connect this with my Word of the Year – Yes what conscious choices am I making about how I spend my time? And what can I say ‘no’ to? How can I divert myself from the usual rabbit holes?

I realised, for example, that with the current situation in our country, I’m spending too much time on Twitter and getting drawn into negative conversations. One harmless response I made to a tweet resulted in my words getting misrepresented because I’m a Christian. I spent almost half a day blocking trolls! I’m committed to speaking out against injustice, but I don’t want to be drawn into negative conversations.

The headlines and working for a living and navigating the realities of adult life, can feel a little lighter, a little less soul-crushing, when we make space for quiet and beauty and tender attention.

– Holly Wren Spaulding

I’ve been looking at things that I enjoy doing and don’t spend enough time on. Things that nourish my soul. One of these is going on mindful walks and taking photographs. My photographs are not of a great standard, but I enjoy taking them and looking at them later on. They bring back memories I cherish. Here’s an example of a photograph I took while walking Pablo a couple of years ago. It reminds me of all the times I enjoyed walking him on the ‘hill’ in our housing complex. And how he and I would just spend time ‘being’.

So this past month, although I’ve felt low and not achieved much, I’ve done some inner work that has helped me say ‘yes’ to better choices.

What are you making time for?

Today I’m linking in with Lisa Burgess’ post for an update on my WOTY.

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5 Comments on “What Are You Making Time For?

  1. I love the pics Corinne. It exudes so much charm. You have asked such an important question and particularly so how the pandemic is taking so much away from us, the moral fatigue, lack of determination to do something creative, and of course the negativity. The minus points with Twitter which can sap our energy and every real life people hinging on toxic which sometimes we take with ourselves.

  2. Oh no, I’m so sorry you and Jose got the flu. And sorry you got trolled on Twitter. I’m not sure which is worse. 🙁 Yuck. I admire your goal to find nourishing things; I need to do likewise. A family situation this month has knocked all the wind out of my sails and I’m struggling to stay afloat. I’ve been trying to say “yes” to opportunities that have come my way for encouragement and community, but God might also be telling me to say yes to staying home more and recovering. So glad you linked up at the blog so everyone can read your wise approach! I’ve learned so much from you this year myself.

  3. I hope you and Jose are feeling lots better and stronger by the day. I swear, last time I had the flu, I talked to God. Not ready for another visit, just yet.

    I think this has been a year for adjusting expectations and being gentler with ourselves – and, aspirationally, with others.

  4. Dear Corinne, you sound a lot like me! I have been trying to do many things this year, but at the end of the day, week, month – I feel I haven’t done anything. Everything is half done. I feel agitated and angry with myself for not managing my day and tasks well. Sometimes I get torn between what I want to do and what I need to do.
    I hope you and Jose are feeling better now.
    That’s a lovely tree pic. It’s wonderful to get outside and enjoy a slice of nature, isn’t it?

  5. Sorry to hear about the flu. Hope you and Jose are on the road to recovery, by now, Corinne! It does leave you feeling tired and low for a while, though.
    I think for me too, the past year and a half has been a very tough one, on many fronts. Whilst we may never give ourselves credit for the things that we do right, it is true that most of us did exceedingly well to keep ourselves strong and hopeful, doing what was good for us and our loved ones, despite the countless challenges that continued to pour in from all directions. It was tough, to say the least.
    I’m glad you enjoyed your mindful walks and clicking the photos. Saying ‘Yes’ to the things that nourish our souls is so important. Couldn’t agree more.

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