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What’s So Cute About A Baby?

I’ve been down with a bout of the ‘flu and so wasn’t able to do the Thankful Tuesday post due yesterday. Also haven’t been able to respond to your comments – will catch with with all this tomorrow.

WOW Wednesday

I am happy to have my friend Joyce Soriano post here today. Joyce has a great motivational blog called What Would You Do In Heaven?   I hope that this is the first of her guest posts here.

Thanks, Joyce, for this beautiful message.

May you be inspired – everyday!

PS: Words of Wisdom Wednesday we have Guest Posts or Book Extracts

What’s So Cute About A Baby?

He cries.  He wets himself.  He has to be constantly fed and taken care of.  He needs someone to change his diapers, to bathe, even to burp!  So what’s so great about him?  Why are we in awe everytime we see one or take care of one?
It’s not the mere smallness of the baby that makes him cute, nor his helplessness, nor his innocence alone.
What invokes a deep sense of joy in us, is the baby’s ability to receive everything we could offer him.  To a baby, we are everything, we are like life itself.  We are needed, we are sought.  And the baby’s needs are so simple we don’t even have to have a diploma to provide them.  For once, we are capable, we are received.

We touch a baby, and he doesn’t refuse his hand.  We sing him a song, and he doesn’t cover his ears and turns away.
It is not just in giving that we complete the circle of love.  Sometimes, it is in fully receiving one’s affection that we are able to make another feel that they are well appreciated and loved.
What’s so cute about a baby?  It’s in being the perfect recipient of our imperfect acts of love.  It’s in being there for us to take care of, and sometimes, when we’re lucky, it’s in being able to see him SMILE! 🙂
“Yes, there is Nirvana; it is in leading your sheep to a green pasture, and in putting your child to sleep, and in writing the last line of your poem.” – Kahlil Gibran
“But Jesus said, ‘Let the little children come to Me, and do not forbid them; for of such is the kingdom of heaven.” – Matthew 19:14

I love you, my child
There is nothing that you can do
that can separate me away from you
You are here always,
within my strong and loving embrace
You are protected
You are loved.
I delight in you,
and see my own eyes upon your eyes
I take away your fears
I take away your tears
from now on you are safe
and you are where you’ve always longed
Let the people who judged you
see how I cherish you now,
Let those who condemn you
see how close you are to me.
You are never outside of my love,
never an outcast
never a failure
never so far away
You need not do anything
to please me,
for I am already pleased
that you trust me
to guide you in everything
you wanted to do
You are beautiful
you are whole
you are healed
you are my beloved
you can rest upon my strong shoulders,
and trust that you won’t ever slip away,
For it is I
who is holding on firmly to you.

Joyce Soriano

What Would You Do In Heaven?

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