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Tough love is tough!

Tough Love.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase before. A recent article in the Reader’s Digest tells us that if we’re caring for someone who is in chronic pain, the best thing one can do is to encourage them to keep going with their lives. However, our natural tendency is to tell them to lie down and then do everything for them.

For the last couple of weeks, I’ve helped to care for my mother as she recovers from a mild stroke. I’ve tried to practice ‘tough love’ because I know I can’t be with her for long and don’t want to make her dependent on me. It’s tough to watch someone you love, who is otherwise so nimble fingered, struggle to use a fork and spoon. My natural response is to feed her, but I know when she uses her hand to feed herself, she is also speeding her own recovery.This experience has made me think of the many times I’ve made people dependent on me, supposedly for their sake, but actually perhaps to make myself feel worthy.

Well, tough love is tough, but it’s the only kind of love that will let you and the other grow to their full potential.

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One comment on “Tough love is tough!

  1. Dear Corrine,
    It was through that I came across your blog and at this juncture I believe that it was already pre-programmed that I should come here, invest time, learn from and connect with you to make the world a better place to live in.
    And why I chose your first post is because I felt that it might be something special and different because that is how you stand out in the crowd when you beging your journey as a writer and blogger. My intuition was rite and tough love is a concept that I carry close to my heart becasue I have applied it on my dad when he had a stroke (we are in the same ship). And to be very honest it literally worked out and miraculously he was able to walk within a span of just 22 days..I would definitely ask people to follow tough love if they geneuinely want to make someone strong, self reliant and courageous.
    I am an NLP trainer, budding blogger, passionate family man and finally an inspiring citizen.
    Connecting with you would be a definite pleasure beacuse we can do many things together and I also request you to go through my work and give me your kind feedback…
    Mohammed Rafi (Inspiring Citizen)

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