together we can
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Together We Can

Together we can do great things. We are are strong together. These or similar words are what we hear in famililies. Couples tell each other this. Sports teams motivate each other with phrases like this. Corporations use them. Non-profits, as well. And commununities.

Together We Can

I’ve experienced the joy of creating something meaningful together with my husband and with community. Combined ideas and work can really make a difference to output. Also how achieving common goals can transform not just a community but also every individual in it.

Sadly we get selfish. Our egos cause us to rub each other the wrong way. Resentment sets in. Angry words get exchanged. Sides taken. Shots fired. We lose sight of our common principles and goals. The community ceases to exist. There is nothing left to build on.

The world continues to need strong, vibrant communities though. People who will come together to speak out against injustic, fight for the rights of the vulnerable, gather and distribute resources. The needs are endless. Solid communities are few.

No matter what our bad experiences may be, we are called to create and be a part of meaningful and life-giving communities. We are called to risk again and to see the endless possibilities that together we can.

I wanted to share this beautiful prayer that highlights our selfishness and asking for grace and forgiveness to help us to be generous.

Gardener God by Jonny Baker

Forgive us for the times we have kept our seeds in the packet
For the times we’ve been too scared to risk, too selfish to love, too embarrassed to try
Gardener God, have mercy on us
Forgive us for where we have let weeds grow in the soil of our lives
For the times we have forgotten to pray,
for the days when we don’t bother to listen,
for the moments when we neglect the stirring of your spirit
Gardener God, have mercy on us
Forgive us for when we have trampled on the seedlings of others
Through careless words or outright criticism,
through envy or feeling threatened,
through being insensitive or wrapped up in ourselves
Gardener God, have mercy on us
Forgive us for when we think it’s all down to us
When we forget that to grow we need the earth of our community,
The water of other people’s contribution,
The sunshine of your favour,
The nutrients that come through conversation and challenge
Gardener God, have mercy on us

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14 Comments on “Together We Can

  1. Yes, I agree with your thoughts. It’s amazing how a community one day is so beautiful and harmonious and then the next explodes and falls apart due to a variety of reasons including the loss of sight of the goal(s). We must not give up as we humans need community. Thank you for the lovely thoughts and poem.

  2. I agree that we’re stronger together, too. It’s sad to me that the world is way different than it used to be. In today’s world people are more worried about tearing others down than lifting them up and helping each other.

  3. If you want to travel fast,
    then travel all alone,
    but if you want the trip to last
    into the great unknown
    then the journey will behoove
    the voyageur to go with friends,
    for only thus can we prove
    the vital means and ends
    that define our sojourn here
    upon this spinning Earth,
    and in that process make it clear
    that hallmark of our birth
    isn’t found in solo vanity,
    but in our shared community.

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