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The World Is Yours?

Last week, we heard a woman screaming out a string of insults at the workers in the apartment opposite ours. As we listened closer, we realized it was a neighbour from upstairs, calling the workers ‘animals’ etc. Their crime? They were doing their work – breaking the plaster prior to painting. Her reason for being upset? She couldn’t sleep in the afternoon. My husband had to remind her that the whole building had suffered similar discomfort when the work in her flat (and subsequently ours) went on. And the workers in her flat worked late into the night. She argued that her workers didn’t make that much of a noise! How would she know – she didn’t live here at the time. But in her mind she was entitled to her afternoon nap and how dare anyone disturb her!

Is a sense of entitlement, described as an unrealistic, unmerited or inappropriate expectation of favorable favorable treatment at the hands of others, peculiar to one generation or kind of people? Seems like dogs these days have it too! 😉


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To read more of what I think about this, please go to Shilpa Garg’s blog, ‘A Rose Is A Rose Is A Rose‘ to read my post: The World Is Yours?


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10 Comments on “The World Is Yours?

  1. Unfortunately, it seems that our world is increasingly self-centered, which is really what entitlement is–being concerned for myself first and foremost. We’re encouraged to buy things because “we deserve it” or to stand up for ourselves, to promote ourselves. It’s a far cry from what I was taught when I was growing up long ago. But still, I find reason to be encouraged when I see people of all ages taking part in charities and organizations that help the powerless and weak.

    1. Yes, we’re are now a contradiction of sorts, Dorothy. On one hand there’s more awareness of causes and charities and then there’s our day to day lives in which we take others for granted. Thanks for your valuable thoughts.

  2. Hi Corinne

    Some people have a self-centered agenda. Noise can be disturbing but when it is necessary and not going to last forever some people just need to chill out.

    We have people in our neighborhood that make a lot of unnecessary noise with their stereos and barking dogs. There is a good neighbor behavior and some could do well to be more considerate of people that live around them. But the really bad neighbors have moved and we only have one business that produces a lot of unnecessary noise whom we have complained about. Hopefully us or they will move soon!


  3. “When life becomes all about ourselves and our needs, then the feelings of others get trampled upon.”

    “We can’t change the behaviour of other people. But we can certainly check our own. We can work on looking at things from the other’s point of view and cultivating empathy within ourselves.”

    Those words say it all. 🙂

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