the seeds you plant today
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The Seeds You Plant

Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap, but by the seeds you plant. – Robert Louis Stevenson

Just yesterday, José observed that despite all the progress we’ve made in India, the poor farmer is still over-dependent on rain. Not enough quality water harvesting and poor irrigation.


The farmer may clear the remnants of the past crop, till the soil, plant the seeds, irrigate the field and guard the crop from pests. But finally, the whole crop depends on the rain.

The rain is the challenge.

I started to think about how this can apply in my life.

Take my blog, for example. I don’t mind doing the work of ‘preparing’, ‘planting’, ‘guarding’ and ‘irrigating’. Its success is something I can’t control.

Just as the farmer complains about the rain, I too sometimes give into complaining and comparing.

That serves no purpose.

I must focus my mind on my goals.

I must rid myself of negative emotions.

I must keep faith in my own ability to succeed.

The harvest I reap is measured by the attitudes I cultivate.

Does this apply to you too?

the seeds you plant

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20 Comments on “The Seeds You Plant

  1. There is something about the #FridayReflections link party that connects to me. Your writing resonates to me in ways that I cannot describe.
    I needed that, Corinne. These days I am going through a challenge, almost a test of my will-power (and it’s not related to my past-surgery). I cannot control success. There are things I can and should do to prepare my path, but ultimately, it will not come ‘just because’.
    Thank you truly for sharing it.

  2. You are right Corinne! It is the work we do cultivating anything including relationships that will reap what we sow. Thank you for sharing your post at #FridayReflections. P.S. I haven’t forgotten the challenge will do over the next week 🙂

  3. ”I must keep faith in my own ability to succeed.”

    That’s what I need these days…faith in myself and my abilities 🙂
    Thanks for this inspiring post and the tag, Corinne

  4. Love that quote.

    You instantly drew my mind to the people who live in the village around me. They all grow their own food, it is amazing to see. As a child my dad did the same. And for each one they have no control over the rain but their crops flourish. They find ways make it work. They have a great attitude to life.

  5. That’s such an apt quote. It’s quite difficult not to think about the harvest in this world, but yes there is no alternative to a good deed which might bring even a better harvest in future.

  6. Of course, success is not guaranteed in anything you do. But as long as you try, you will never know. And go on trying. Only yesterday, I discovered a jump the graph of the year’s blog I wrote in 2013, Numbers of viewers had been steady until about two months ago. I thought the messages I sent were too old and I’d probably cease getting hits. Low and behold, 1,023 people looked at an article yesterday. That’s why you should keep believing.

  7. It’s so true Corinne and we will harvest what we plant in life, good or bad will fall on us. The blogging thing is that we invest so much on it in terms of hard work but at some point, I feel sad with people saying, oh! U blogging!
    Lots of humongous efforts, research and creativity on what we learn from fellow bloggers. Many of us treat it like another job but without growing money tree, of course.

  8. I loved the quote. (I just love quotes in general!)
    ~Hopefully, one day I’ll achieve my dream of being an author!

  9. Great quote! I, too, have compared myself to other bloggers. I read all sorts of blogs before I started my own. Then I came a cross something on Pinterest about blogging that said each blogger is unique, tell your story, in your own words. Your story is different from others. Your experience is different from others. Make your blog your own. So, although of course I still read a lot of blogs for the joy of it and to learn and grow, I let my blog be its own individual self, having its own voice. I love your blog, Corinne. It’s a chance to share a bit of yourself with your readers. It’s you, celebrate it.

  10. It can certainly be difficult to avoid comparing ourselves to others – and knowing that our success is mostly out of our hands is tough to accept. Thank you for the encouragement and perspective.

  11. I just love this quote and I love how you have related this quote with blogging and success in our lives. You are so right, we can not control certain aspects of our success but we can control our efforts and the way we see the world and ourselves. A great reminder and I will carry this one forth with me, much love xx

  12. I think this post was just for me corinne…. I too compare my blog with other brilliant bloggers around here and think why is it am not able to write and spend that much time; but then I immediately realise that I am different in every way; the kind of life I live, the work that I do and the time that I have… I am doing my best in the given situation… I don’t want to give up… need to believe in my own capacity and keep moving on … I also want you to know that your blog is one of the best and the finest and I am a great fan of your writing, appreciate you for sharing your honest thoughts…and thanks for inspiring !!

  13. Oh, I don\’t want to be a pest, but are you up for a blog hop sort of nomination? I\’ve been tagged with the Versatile Blogger Award and would like to pass along the fun. You can find the information at my Darla M Sands blog post for July fourth. I\’m still working on that blog post as I leave this comment. ~blush~ Anyway, I hope you will join in. Best wishes!

  14. I wish that it was true. But if I compare it to the corporate world, they only look and focus on the HARVEST.

    The harvest should be in large quantity, despite the seeds planted are a very few and not upto the quality.

  15. The process (journey) is just as important, if not more so, than the end product (destination). I’d rather know that I had planted seeds of love and hope and others through my blog and novels than ever be financially well off because of them.
    Great thoughts, Corinne!

  16. Loved the quote! So inspirational:) And you’re absolutely right. We should not compare ourselves to others because each of us has a unique take on life.

  17. It most definitely does! And you are so correct in not having control over how successful your blog is. I need to constantly remind myself of that fact and that, in the end, it doesn’t matter!

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