The only resolution
#MondayMusings - Self Acceptance and Self Care

The Only Resolution

What if the only resolution you make is to love yourself more?

This question from Cheryl Richardson stopped me in my tracks. As I shared last week, my Word of the Year is ‘Heal’ and loving and showing up for myself is a big part of this.

The Only Resolution

As Cheryl asks: What would it mean to love yourself more in 2023? What would you like to change? Do more of? Less of? 

Loving myself more in 2023 would mean being consistent with all the practices I’ve chosen to do. Doing them joyfully. And going through the day with gratitude and appreciation for myself and the abundance that I enjoy.

More fulfillment, less guilt!

It’s just that simple!

I don’t make resolutions anymore. I also know that I’m not very great at keeping them, but here I am making one in 2023 and promising to keep it.

“I commit to do my best to do something loving for myself, however big or small, for 365 days of 2023.”

 Self Love - The Only Resolution

Self Love Resource:

My friend the late, Daylle Deanna Schwartz started the Self-Love Movement. On her website is a full-length e-book that includes hundreds of concrete, practical suggestions for building self-love. Download How Do I Love Me? here.

Best Of Boomers Link Up

Though I’m technically not a boomer, I’m grateful to be a part of a group of bloggers called Best of Bloomers. Today I’m sharing links from their lovely blogs. Do visit and read their posts.

Carol Cassara

Loss is one of the hard parts of life, and today Carol Cassara writes about losing a man she considered a father figure, and what that meant to her in “He’s Gone, but His Light Remains.”

Rita R. Robison

One in three Americans overspent during the holidays, reports Rita R. Robison, consumer and personal finance journalist. Check out her article on other findings from a survey on the recently passed holidays including how many people: think going into credit card debt for the holidays is O.K., say they regret their holiday spending, and expect to have more credit card debt at the end of 2023.

Jennifer Koshak

If you’re stressed and in the need of self-care but getting more stressed because you can’t afford it, then Jennifer, of Unfold and Begin, has the answer for you. Free self-care. In her post, How to Practice Self-care for Free, she provides numerous suggestions on how you can ease stress with no-cost activities.

Laurie Stone

Each morning we open our eyes to a new day. That’s the good news. What’s challenging is another day comes after that…and another…and another. Weeks, months, and years go by in a blur until many of us stand at a certain age, scratch our heads, and ask (ala the Talking Heads) how did I get here? Here are 3 things Laurie finds that help when life goes too fast…

Diane Stringam Tolley

Most everyone knows that Diane spends a good part of every day in the past. Today, she is remembering the bright spot in every school day.

And it had nothing to do with school…

Rebecca Olkowski

It’s been a little rainy in Los Angeles so Rebecca Olkowski, with decided to make some soup and it turned out great. If you are in a soupy mood try her Slow Cooker Chicken and Bean Soup recipe. It’s zesty and you will love it.

I hope you enjoy reading these posts from this group of talented women.

Keep being wonderful, dear reader and resolve to love yourself more in 2023!

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11 Comments on “The Only Resolution

  1. Hi Corinne – I think our generation came to the “self-love” party rather late in life – but better late than never. I also appreciated how you shared the love by mentioning all those other bloggers – that’s true kindness and grace at work. x

  2. This is my favorite new year’s post! Reminds me of this quote from the Emmanual books: “Walk sweetly with yourself. Find every reason possible to love who you are.” So I’m with you on this practice. Every day to do my best. Today, for example, I came to your site and read this post. A great way to love myself! And I love it that you published this on my birthday — how perfect is that?!!

  3. Last month, I promised myself that I would love myself more than find flaws in myself. I wouldn’t succumb to guilt or beat myself up for making tiny blunders. Sometimes I remember my promise, and sometimes I forget it completely. 🙂
    Your post reminded me the promise and now I need to write it down some place so I will not forget it again, esp when I need to remember it most.

  4. That’s a loaded question! I think, to me, loving myself more would mean going to bed each day without blaming myself for the things I didn’t do. It means forgiving myself for my mistakes and flaws, each day, every day. Now that would require a whole lot of love. Can I do it? Even if I fail on some days, if I am committed I would be able to forgive again and keep going. Right?
    Thank you for sharing this, Corinne. You gave me a new perspective and challenge for the rest of the year, maybe, life!

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