The Little Things That Make Me Smile

The Little Things That Make Me Smile

In the times we’re going through right now, there could be 101 reasons why you don’t feel like smiling. But I’m also sure that for every one of those reasons, you’ll probably also find a reason to smile – if you look carefully.

A newsletter I received from Cheryl Richardson read:

This week, become aware of the little things that make you smile. As you notice them, pay attention to how they make you feel. If they feel good, really good, attach value to them immediately. Tell yourself, “This is the kind of experience that matters. I want more of this in my life.” 

The Little Things That Make Me Smile

So I start to notice and pay attention to the little things that make me smile. And I realize that my list grows – if only I let it. I wrote this post in 2013 and have updated it with a new list of things that made me smile today! I thought it was so relevant for these time.

  1. Pablo and Lucky giving me an early morning nuzzle to let me know they are awake.
  2. An early morning cuddle from my husband.
  3. My first cup of coffee in the morning.
  4. A local stray dog (the kids around have called him Bruno) that comes so happily to greet Pablo and me on our walk,
  5. A wholesome breakfast made by my husband
  6. The scent of my soap, shampoo, talc and cream.
  7. The scent of a agarbatthi ( joss stick ) I’ve burned as I work.
  8. A crazy conversation with an old friend that went on and on – with so many pauses for laughter.
  9. A picture another friend sent me of her newly born granddaughter! (Yes, some of my contemporaries are grandparents!)
  10. The sounds of birds and watching them come to feed at the feeder we have our little front patch.

This list is only from today and it’s certainly not complete.

There’s lots more where that came from – thousands of other moments that I haven’t listed here. Isn’t that reason to smile?

The Little Things That Make Me Smile

The little things? The little moments? They aren’t little.

Joh Kabat-Zinn

What are the things that made you smile today?

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115 Comments on “The Little Things That Make Me Smile

  1. What a wonderful thought for a post! Listing what makes us smile would certainly add more smiles in our day and also will help us to appreciate smaller things better!

  2. Things that made me smile today so far and it’s only 10am here! Being woken by my precious five year old. Eating breakfast with him. Reading this post. Watching my boy sit at his school desk with his little pals. Seeing a dog on a lead determined to go his own way despite his owner tugging him the other way. My nine feral cats gathered in the garden awaiting breakfast.

  3. This is a great exercise. I’ll definitely do this, starting today. I’ll really make an effort to attach significance to the things that make me smile and remember them. They’ll be good for when I don’t feel so good. 🙂

  4. As I read this post and gave a thought to what makes me smile, my list looked like yours in some points ( esp.point no. 8 ) 😉 Then slowly,as I mulled over it , the list became longer . You see, this in itself brought a smile to my lips.

  5. What a great post! Very positive! It reminds me of the concept of finding gratitude in the small things of life.

    This morning, what made me smile, was meeting warm, not icy air, as I went outside to walk my dog.

    Having a home that hummed with electricity, children eating a nourishing breakfast, and reading a status update from a fb friend where he wrote the following:

    “Today I’m going to give to those who can’t repay. This includes giving hope to someone who has given up.”

    How beautiful is that??

    Hope today brings many smiles for you Corinne. <3

  6. Oh Corinne, your list made me smile 🙂 As I’m just getting started in my day, the quiet of the morning makes me smile, the snowflakes slowly passing through the brisk air outside my window is certainly bringing a smile to my face. And, of course, my hot cup of coffee and my ‘blankie’ over my legs is bringing a smile to my face.
    I’ll have to check this blog hop out and maybe later I can join in. My father has been ill and in the bed for almost 2 weeks now and has consumed quite a bit of my time.

  7. Hi Corinee,

    Very nice topic Corinee.It is a great thing that can give you happiness in the world “smile”.I have huge list to smile.When i wake up in the morning first thing i go to my pet dog silently and see his activity he at that time plays alot and looks very funny, i go to shower i remember some old things i smile, i come to my table to see the comments on my blog and smile. i have many thing to smile sometime i dont have anything still i smile i dont know why i realize it afterward. LOL its funny.

    Thank You
    Shorya Bist
    From Youthofest

    1. Dogs do have a way of making us smile, don’t they, Shorya? What breed is yours and what’s his name? Our Pablo, a boxer, is absolutely nuts!
      Yes, the feedback from readers does make us smile – as your comment just did! 🙂

  8. Nice post…we should take time to appreciate everything around us…but sometimes life gets in the way. Finishing Day 31 of the Blog Challenge made me smile today, mending my mobile phone and having fun at my French conversation class this morning also made me smile.

  9. Things which make us smile are often those little things happening each day which also make us grateful. Smiling fills our lives with joy and radiates that joy to everyone around us. That’s what your post did for me today, Corinne!
    Blessings and love!

  10. What a marvellous idea and an instant mood brightener! Thank you, Corinne, for this great post. I found it on the Writer’s Post group and will be joining your blog hop shortly. Cheers!

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  12. aww I am the one who should be thankful to you for being part of this journey with my twins. All your lovely comments makes me feel blessed. Hugs and this is such a warm post that will bring a smile on anyone’s face

  13. HI Corinne,
    This is the post of the day for me, I was down and out because of some personal reasons but your post lifted the spirit. We at times overlook some small things and search for the joy in big things.

    Thanks for sharing this.


  14. I think it’s so easy to focus on the bad things, the uncomfortable things, and the sad things that happen to us day to day, but it takes a strong person to focus on the small things that make you smile, because that is really what get’s us through. Thank you for sharing!

  15. Oh how beautiful! There are so many things to smile about each and everyday…and this day, what brought me to smile first thing in the morning is the sight of my mom… a wonderful breakfast… music… our newly painted stairs and walls, my Saturdate’s SMS, friends’ messages 🙂 I feel so loved and blessed… what is just missing is a cuddle from my husband LOL…

    Lots of love BS ~ your list also made me smile 😉

  16. Loved the list! If the beginning of the day was so good, i am sure the day went on the be one of the perfect days 🙂

  17. This is beautiful! I’m going to start doing this in my life. I find verbalizing the fact that I’m enjoying a moment helps, too. Just saying, “I’m so happy right now,” really affirms it in my being.

  18. Corrine,

    A cuddle with my wife – of course..

    A sumptuous meal..

    Seeing my old friends at a function in our college.

    Got the opportunity to judge the various food stall at our college.

    Seeing my mother smile…

    I can add on to the list and you deserve a 21 gun salute for sharing this amazing article and making us realize the importance of small things that makes us smile..

      1. Hello Corrine,

        Yes, you are rite..I am a foodie..How about you?

        I am not from Hydreabad..A crossbreed infact..he he he..