The Last Day
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The Last Day

I wrote this very short piece ‘The Last Day’ some years ago. Today it seems more relevant than ever.

The Last Day

He seemed to take forever to get ready. He kept yelling, as usual.
“When will you ever learn to fry an egg? Useless woman!”
“How many times have I to teach you how to fold a d*** shirt?
Today, I was so tempted to answer back. But I bit my tongue. I knew it was my last day there.
At last, he left.
When his car was out of sight, I turned on the gas, took my bag and shut the door behind me.
A creature of habit, the moment he got into the house, he would light a cigarette!


Domestic violence is a very present reality for many women all over the world. We often wonder why women stay on in relationships in which they are abused. A blogger friend of mine, herself a victim, shared her story in her post, Why Do We Stay?

In my short story, I’ve tried to capture the fear and anger of a victim. This one has made a choice to escape. She also made a choice to have her revenge. I’m not advocating violence and revenge against the perpetrators of domestic violence. But sometimes, victims are driven to violence – this is a reality, but rare.In most cases, like that of Kim Sisto Robinson’s sister, the violence ends in the tragic death of the victim.  Kim on her blog, My Inner Chick is constantly urging us to speak out for the victims – to be the voice of the voiceless.  

The definition of abuse comes in many forms. I did not know that before. I had assumed it was only physical: hitting, punching, kicking. For example, my sister’s husband used his tongue and words as fists. These words changed her as a human being… This is abuse. Fully. We didn’t know. We would just say, “Oh, that’s just how he is. He must have had a poor childhood…..” He saved his most monstrous abuse for the end when he placed a gun to the back of her (Kay’s) head. You see, he was always a coward. He couldn’t even look her in the face. – Kim Sisto Robinson

During this lockdown, there has been an increase in domestic violence all the world over. If you or someone you know is a victim, reach out for help. In India, call any of these helplines.

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16 Comments on “The Last Day

  1. Domestic violence, especially violence with words, scars the victim to such an extent that they’re unable, often, to walk away. It’s a trauma that runs deep and leaves lasting scars. And sometimes one that tragically leads to death. I like your story; I like her strength to not just walk away but to have her revenge too. Not that I advocate it, but I do like the poetic justice of it.

  2. Domestic abuse … I just can’t imagine anyone behaving in such a beastly manner . I know it exists and staying home must make the frustration levels even higher in these abusers… for all our sakes especially those who don’t have the space or luxury to do nothing , I hope the lockdown is lifted soon enough and life gets back to some level of normalcy

    1. It’s a reality that many women across all segments of society deal with on a daily basis, Sunita and sadly the lifting of the lockdown might only decrease the figures a bit, but the problem still exists.

  3. I personally know relationships wherein there is constant verbal abuse, and the same reason of a ‘bad childhood’ being cited. In such cases, one doesn’t consider it severe enough to leave. So many people in households suffer in silence in this way. The only respite is when they can temporarily get away from the space.

  4. This is very powerful, sad and scary.
    I know a woman who, when her ex-husband who was verbally abusive, and more threatened to divorce her, out of her mouth flew these words, ‘Would you do that for me?'” They were on the phone at the time and not in the same country which made it easier, but it was the one thing that she needed to help her say, “we are finished.”

  5. Hard to digest but its the same scenario everywhere in the world. The world is suffering in many ways, if we can’t change now than its too late and the end is near.

  6. Hi Corinne, what a powerful post and a very important message especially during this time of isolation when tempers are frayed through anxiety and stress. I’ve noticed posts on social media explaining to victims a ‘code post’ to write if they need help. Thank you for sharing and linking up at #MLSTL and have a beautiful week. x

  7. Hi Corinne – it’s amazing how much can be said with so few words (the sign of a good writer!) and yes, domestic violence has definitely increased with the stresses that have come from loss of jobs, being confined to home, less money. less distractions. It makes me very grateful for the man I’m married to and that this isn’t part of my world.
    Thanks for linking up with us at MLSTL and I’ve shared on my SM

  8. Lockdown has brought out many aspects to each personality..some good …some bad…it’s not just marriage, but sometimes bad other relationships, workplaces etc and we just tend to stay for fear of change.

  9. Two very powerful stories and a much-needed reminder that domestic violence is increasing because of this pandemic and the need to stay at home.

  10. Domestic abuse is a very important topic to write and talk about. I observed that many victims suffer only because they don’t know that they can be treated with respect by someone. We should always look for signs when we talk to friends and family as sometimes the victims don’t even know that they can do something to make their life better and give up. Love your story Corinne.

  11. Lockdown has brought to shore so many facets of confined life; some bright, some gloomy, and some really dark. My heart goes out to all those who are suffering the abuse, most of them are silent sufferers.
    The volcano can not remain dormant forever. It does erupt, so do these silent sufferers resorting to extreme measures. I wish they could see better choices at hand.

  12. That short story came so strong of a reply back to her abuser.
    It’s sad when I think of those for whom ‘home’ is not safe anymore. I know someone who has to stay at home and that is not safe. I am now seeing some WHO tips but in reality, how many can keep a bag ready to run?

  13. That serves him right. Domestic abuse is a vicious cycle. It’s hard for many victims to escape because they are receiving such treatment at the hands of their loved ones. I loved the story!

  14. So true Corinne. I recently heard a news of a wife reporting on her husband using one such helpline. Apparently, he stopped bathing since the lockdown started and was forcing her to get physically close with him! It is true that abuse exists in many forms and the victim is the one who has to deal with the after math, no one else. 🙁

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