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The God Of Surprises

Christmas is usually a time of great expectation – we expect to have a good time, we expect to get some good gifts, we expect to be happy…..and sometimes we’re disappointed. However, the real message of Christmas about what we don’t expect.

The God of Surprises

God surprised everybody that first Christmas. Elizabeth didn’t expect to have a baby in her age. The young girl, Mary, couldn’t believe when the angel told her that she was to be the mother of the Son of God. Joseph, certainly didn’t expect his betrothed to be pregnant. Herod was taken aback by the news of a threat to his throne. The shepherds were surprised to see angels in their fields! The Magi didn’t expect to find the Savior of the world born in a manger in a poor little country village like Bethlehem. The whole thing was a surprise!

This year we’ve experienced God just the way He was on that first Christmas – a God of surprises. We’ve been surprised by unexpected illnesses and the tragic death of a loved one. But most of all we’ve been surprised by joy – the joy in knowing that the God of surprises will see us through – and indeed He has.

This Christmas José and I wish you too the knowledge that God is with you – Emmanuel. We wish you happy memories and all the joys of Christmas today and through the New Year.


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