the bridge of gratitude

The Bridge Of Gratitude

I mentioned at that start of February, that I’m going to be focusing on gratitude a lot more this year. As I journey deeper into gratitude, more and more thoughts about its value keep popping into my head. I’ve been examining how gratitude connects us to so much – the bridge of gratitude, I call it.

The Bridge Of Gratitude

A bridge carries us from one place to another. Most often it provides us safe passage over difficult terrain and deep waters. And more times than I can count, gratitude has been a bridge for me.

Gratitude Helps Us Shift Perspective

The miracle of gratitude is that it shifts your perception to such an extent that it changes the world you see. Dr Robert Holden

Gratitude Helps Us Move Forward

Gratitude tells both the heart and the mind that there is reason to take the next step forward. -Allie Ososkie

Gratitude Moves Us Towards Abundance

 Gratitude draws the mind into closer touch with the source from which ALL blessings come…Wallace D. Wattle

The bridge of gratitude has carried me over from despair, guilt, grief, dissatisfaction and self-absorption, to a more positive, hopeful and creative state of mind.

In April, looking at my supposed problems through the lens of gratitude made them appear insignificant. Gratitude helped me move forward, be open and look at things from a new perspective. I experienced how gratitude helped me to let go of things and just flow.

Have you too found gratitude to be a bridge that moves you to new perspectives?

A page from my Gratitude Art Journal
A beautiful hibiscus blossom from our garden

May you be inspired – every day!



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3 Comments on “The Bridge Of Gratitude

  1. Oh yes! Gratitude is an important part of my life. Right from the moment I wake up till the time I go to bed, I thank the Universe for all it brings into my life. It’s also the time when I have heart-to-heart conversations with God, letting go of the things that worry me, strain me, and leave me feeling frustrated. But, gratitude changes my perspective and I feel so much lighter and so very blessed!

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