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Taking A Deep Breath Of Life #MondayMusings

Buddha is quoted to have said “There are two fatal errors in life – not finishing and not starting.” I’ve spoken to you about my problem with not finishing what I start.

Today I want to focus on starting.

You can think and dream of a project for a long time. But only when you act does it begin to come into being. If you wait until you are completely ready, or wait until the conditions are perfect – then you will never begin at all. What makes the conditions perfect are the fact that you are starting.

So today, I’m not waiting for perfect conditions. I’m starting.

I’m Taking A Deep Breath Of Life

Plunging in.

Moving ahead with plans and projects without overthinking them.

Daring to follow my heart.

Going after the things I’m passionate about.

Risking, and yet trying to be mindfully aware of what it is I am going after.

Planning to follow through.

To find balance between being and doing.

Not comparing myself to anyone else.

Attempting to be the best I can be.

I am aware that I might fail miserably

And yet know that it is all worth it.

At the end of each day I want to

Sit back and process what I’ve learned

And start over the next day.

“Take a deep breath of life, and consider how it should be lived.” – Man of La Mancha



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15 Comments on “Taking A Deep Breath Of Life #MondayMusings

  1. God knows I need to take some deep breathes rights now…These days I hardly find time for anything. I have so much to do, so many things I want to start with and learn but I just can’t find time..Maybe tomorrow will be better than today

  2. Hey Corinne,

    I was too suffering from this- “not finishing what I started” with much zeal but things changed in the last few months and I am really doing what I wished to. Thanks to all the fellow Bloggers. Reading them boosted me. I could see Time stretched by itself when I got determined. Sleep time reduced little but it is not making me tired. I wonder how doing what we truly love keep us energetic.
    For counting- I started Scrapbooking and daily crafting- You could see DIY section on my Blog. I hope you like it.

  3. Today, I have been feeling silly and I allow myself to feel that way for today. Not being able to start is an issue which plagues me with respect to my blog. I dared to buy the domain name for my blog but now I am afraid of how to go forward. I need to take a deep breath, talk less and do more. Thanks Corinne for giving this reminder.

  4. I guess the ‘not starting’ problem nags me more than the ‘finishing what I started’. I keep waiting for the ‘right moment’ you know, and it just never comes. I must start soon. Good luck to you Corinne, I hope you finish what you began.

  5. I loved your post. It encourages me to start what I think of and finish what I start. Those words are so well written Corinne. Crisp yet all in them. Good one!

  6. I love this, Corinne. How true that both starting and finishing are the hardest. I’m good at starting, but find finishing the challenge. Maybe that’s true of many people. Its always about finding a balance between being productive but living a full life.

  7. I have had so many business ideas that I never started, but I have one now that I hope I begin next year. I’m preparing now. We’ll see if I can really get it off the ground.

  8. You are quite right. There is common tendency of procrastinating. we are worried whether we will succeed or not. and if we start we give up as things get tough. Irony is we rarely look at what God has already given us and keep begging for more and more and that brings thinking of scarce mentality but we do not start and put in hard work and give up and blame luck or God.

  9. Not finishing and not starting – I am guilty of both those things. Though (surprisingly) I have gotten much better at sticking to what I start, and seeing it through. The starting issue – remains. I had registered a food blog 2 years (yes TWO YEARS) ago, and am yet to start publishing content there. Need for perfection (which is simply unattainable anyway) has held me back. Sigh.

  10. I think, Not Starting is my problem. I usually finish what I start though! So, yes, I need a nudge, push or a shove to start!! Yes, I need to take a deep breath and simply start doing a lot of things!! Thanks for the reminder, Corinne!

  11. Hi Corinne – every day is a new day to start over. Couldn’t agree with you more. And a new day is a good time to start. All we can do when we don’t start today is start tomorrow 🙂 and not beat ourselves up too much about it. Thanks for your message.

  12. I woke up at 5 AM feeling, how am I going to go about the day, I have to get ready rush for work and it will be another mundane day, then I saw the little man sleeping beside me and realised ohh, I don’t have to go to work, my work is right over here. I am taking a break from the professional work, but some days I completely forget that. Yeah, a new day is a great way to start your life again! And I am doing a MondayMusing Post today!

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