How to have a stress free holiday season
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How to Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

Yes, it’s entirely possible to have an almost completely stress free holiday season. The key to success is taking the extra time necessary to plan. Keep these tips in mind, while doing so.

How to Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

How to have a stress free holiday season

Don’t insist on every part of your holiday season being perfect

Holding on to things that didn’t quite go your way will only cause you to feel more stress. Don’t insist on every part of your holiday season being perfect. Instead, keep telling yourself that having a good holiday season is enough.

Make sure your luggage and transportation is ready to go well before your trip

If you’re planning on traveling during the holiday, make sure your luggage and transportation is ready to go well before your trip. Roads and airports are all very busy during major holidays. Experiencing car trouble or forgetting an important piece of luggage could mean losing valuable travel time and becoming stressed out about arriving late.

Don’t give up your daily routine

If you usually start each day with a cup of coffee, continue doing so during the holidays as much as you can. Maintaining your daily routine will help to reduce anxiety and keep you from feeling like you’re out of place, even if you plan on staying elsewhere.

Don’t take on more than you can handle

If you offer to help prepare for the family holiday gathering, make sure to offer to help in ways that will be enjoyable to follow through on. For example, if you love baking cookies, see if you can help do that rather than helping with decorations or filling out invitations.

Keep things simple

When you’re celebrating the holidays, creating great memories with your family is more important than having the biggest decorations or the most dishes at the dinner table.

Buy less gifts

Let’s face it; the holidays aren’t just about giving gifts. Don’t go overboard. Consider drawing names and buying for that specific person… along with smaller presents for each of the children you typically buy for.

These are just a few tips on how to have a stress-free holiday. There’s absolutely no reason to make yourself sick over it. Relax, have fun and make great memories!

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7 Comments on “How to Have a Stress Free Holiday Season

  1. It’s easy to see why stress rules over us even when it comes to a holiday! I love these tips. There are at least 3 people I know in my close circle of friends who could greatly benefit from these tips! I’ll definitely share this post with them.

  2. So true! We just drive ourselves crazy trying to get everything perfect (like how they show it in the magazines!) and then we lose touch with the moment we are supposed to enjoy.
    Perfect post for holidays!

  3. Lovely tips.. Holiday seasons always stress me out, especially when there are too many people around or when I have to visit too many parties or get together. I always wait for the season to get over.

  4. I don’t do festivals because of this one factor – stress over the preparations. I cannot imagine myself taking up all the (hard) work of buying, wrapping and gifting presents in addition to decorations and cooking. One point I can definitely benefit from is to not to forgo the routine even during the holidays like waking up at the regular time and having my cup of tea with breakfast even as others in the house stay asleep.

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