7 Best Street Foods in Mexico

If you’re a street food lover at heart, Mexico is going to be nothing less than paradise for you. Mexican food is unbelievably delicious and has a spicy kick to it as well that makes it hard to resist. While there might be different specialties depending upon the region, in general, there are certain hot and sure-fire winners when it comes to Mexican street foods. Read on to discover the 7 best street foods in Mexico.

7 Best Street Foods in Mexico


7 Best Street Foods In Mexico

Tamales are a breakfast staple in Mexico, and are basically dumplings made of corn dough. The fillings vary from salsa with chicken and pineapples and even mushrooms, and if you’re lucky, you’ll also find sweet tamales! Plus, you don’t even need a plate to eat this one!


7 Best Street Foods In Mexico

You definitely shouldn’t miss out on tasting Elotes before you leave Mexico- they are basically corn on the cob- either grilled or boiled, served on a stick and slathered with cream, chilli and mayonnaise. They may be a bit messy, but they’re too good to resist.


7 Best Street Foods In Mexico

You already knew this one was coming- yes, tacos are definitely a must try when you’re in Mexico. The delicious, greasy corn tortillas are usually stuffed with tender meats and salsas and gluacamole. You’ll definitely find a huge variety of topping options to choose from for this one, so go ahead and enjoy.


7 Best Street Foods In Mexico

What are Gorditas, you may ask? They are actually just corn disks that are a bit bigger than regular tortillas and are topped with a number of different ingredients such as beans, cheese and sometimes even salsa. 



Looking to grab a nice, authentic Mexican sandwich? Tortas are a great option, and while the Mexicans may not exactly call it a ‘sandwich’ it is basically a crusty bun which has bean paste and mayonnaise spread on sides of the bun, and is filled with meat, avocados, pickled jalapenos and tomatoes.


7 Best Street Foods In Mexico

What could be better than tasting an absolute winner of a Mexican dish when you’re here? Quesadillas are basically tortillas filled with cheese, which are then deep fried or grilled. While you might find different types of cheese stuffing variations, Oaxaca cheese is the most popular choice. Plus, you’ll also find many other filling options as well.



Seems like we saved the best one for the last isn’t it? These yummy deep-fried sugary dough are an absolute treat and when in Mexico, don’t miss out on your chance to have this one! Just make sure you grab them fresh though- stale churros can taste rubbery and downright disappointing.

Image Credits: Tamales Pixabay , Elotes Pixabay , Tocas Pixabay, Gorditas Wikimedia, Tortas Wikimedia, Quesadillas Pixabay, Churros Pixabay

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