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Stop Competing And Set Yourself Free

The world that we live in today has glorified multitasking, overachieving and being busy all the time. This has led to an increased level of constant competition literally everywhere – in schools, workplaces and even in our personal lives. Often, we find ourselves comparing all those parts of our lives to other people’s seemingly perfect ones. The result, we feel dissatisfied, angry and even guilty. If that sounds like something you’re going through read on to discover how you can stop competing and set yourself free – finally!

How To Stop Competing And Set Yourself Free

Be Grateful

Practising gratitude on a daily basis has many benefits, and best of all, it helps you focus more on what you have and appreciate it, rather than looking at what you don’t have. Commit yourself to being grateful for the little things in life everyday– once you start doing that, you’ll feel less susceptible to comparison, jealousy, envy and other such negative emotions that rob you of your joy.

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Embrace your Uniqueness

Each one of us is blessed with a different set of strengths – we are all different, we behave differently, think differently and have our own unique strengths and talents. The next time you find yourself comparing your own body to someone else’s perfect figure, or your modest scores to someone’s straight A’s, step back and look at what you have – and what they don’t. Remind yourself that you too are special.

Celebrate your Wins

This one’s highly underrated. A lot of us tend to suffer from burnout and lack of motivation. We fall into the endless cycle of comparing our lives with those around us, and feeling crappy and horrible about our own lives. That’s simply because we don’t really appreciate and celebrate our own wins. Pat yourself on the back when you need to – sometimes you will be the only motivation you need, and that’s okay.

Compete with Yourself

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A little healthy competition is usually okay – it helps drive you and push you towards putting in more effort and hard work, and making the best of what you have. But if you feel other people’s successes put you down and demotivate you, stop comparing yourself with them and competing with them. Instead, focus your attention inward and look for ways to compete with your own self and try to do your best at everything.

Stay Away From the Triggers

Probably one of the simplest ways to avoid falling into the trap of comparison is to notice situations and people that tend to trigger you and make you feel bad about yourself. Avoid such people as much as you can. If there’s a person who’s constantly bragging about their wins and making you feel bad about yourself, realize that spending time with this person is a waste of time, excuse yourself, and go away.

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16 Comments on “Stop Competing And Set Yourself Free

  1. Brilliant pointers there Corinne. Its so so natural for us to begin the comparison on anything at all. I am glad you put this down here as I have been practicing to pick myself up by telling myself I am better; no comparisons there. Sometimes I felt that I was being too arrogant in praising myself but this post felt good to read 🙂

  2. So good joining the #MondayMusings after a long time, Corinne. I am nodding along as I read your post, because all those much-needed reminders you’ve mentioned can do a lot to ensure we retain our sanity in this crazy cut-throat world. Focussing inwards has always been something that I loved doing and now, ever since I’ve stepped off the competition and comparison bandwagon, its the journey inwards that speaks to me more than anything.

  3. First of all, Oh yay! Monday Musings is back. Count me in from next week onwards 🙂
    I love this post, especially the last point where you mentioned to avoid all the toxicity that triggers you. Trust me, I unfollowed so many people on social media and blocked a few. Ah, such peace! 🙂

  4. Fantastic pointers, Corinne!

    I love how you put all of that motivation so crisply in such cute & simple sentences. I agree with all of them.

    True. Avoiding comparison & triggers are the most important habit we must inculcate & foster sustainably to keep ourselves motivated, focused & sane towards our life & goals.

  5. Just discovered your site and enjoyed this post.
    Your last point of staying away from triggers is perhaps the most important one for me. I’ve walked away from several groups to ease the pressure of this.
    Thanks for hosting…..hope my post fits the bill

  6. The compare and despair trap is something we all fall into at times Corinne – I know it’s been a big problem for me over the years. Finally in my 50’s I feel like I’m putting it behind me and starting to really appreciate my life without the need to prove my worth to anyone. It’s so freeing to accept myself for who I am – and being unique is pretty special isn’t it?

  7. A reminder to self. Meditation and writing a gratitude journal daily works as wonder for me. I feel content & energised to make each day better. Thanks for this post, Corinne.

  8. All of the them such valid and brilliant points. Counting our blessings and being grateful for the things we have really helps our mental well being. Nice to see that #MondayMusings is back.

  9. Excellent tips as always, Corinne. It’s so easy to compare our lives to someone else’s highlight reel, especially on social media. And with the constant messaging out there to hustle more, it’s easy to look at your own life and think it’s not “enough” somehow.

  10. It was so freeing when I stopped competing with others. No longer any FOMO. I didn’t worry that I had not read as many books as they had or written as many posts as others. It just freed me up to do the things that gave me pleasure instead.

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