How to Stop Being Obsessed with Making the Right Decision
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Stop Being Obsessed with Making the Right Decision

Are you the kind of person that tends to weigh pros and cons carefully before making a choice? Well that’s great, and that probably means you usually make smart moves that turn out to be great for you. But are you sure your analysis is healthy and normal? Or do you tend to be overwhelmed when trying to make a decision? Read on to discover how and why you should stop being obsessed with making the right decision, and how things can backfire on you if you take it too far.

How to Stop Being Obsessed with Making the Right Decision

Decoding Analysis Paralysis

Analysis paralysis is a condition that affects a lot of us, and some of us don’t even realize it did. It usually happens when we are faced with a lot of options, or just a couple of options that could change our lives in a very profound way. If you’re a perfectionist or are someone who tends to overanalyze situations and conditions, you’re more likely to suffer from analysis paralysis.

Individuals who have trouble making choices and have low self esteem are also more likely to be affected by this one.

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Why it Can Backfire Horribly

There are times when the worry about the problem is a lot worse than the problem itself.

David Spiegel

If decision making is more of a stressful situation for you than it really needs to be, you might be doing things wrong, and if you’re obsessed which picking what’s the best move for you, you might actually be doing the opposite- making the wrong choices.

Studies have found and revealed the negative effects of overthinking and overanalyzing situations. These have been linked to stress and at some point of time, psychological distress as well. Decision making tends to be a stressful situation for those who tend to have an obsession with always being ‘right’ and making the ‘right choice.’

Setting the unrealistic standard of perfection for yourself is another big no no, and eventually, when you make a bad choice or things don’t go the way you want them to, you’ll end up putting yourself down.

Taking too long to analyze a situation and make a choice can also make you lose out on opportunities. Sometimes, people also take too long to make a decision because being at the crossroads seems more convenient for them- it is a good way to stop taking responsibility at all, and accept life as it comes.

You could get stuck in potential consequences that may not even happen, just worrying about certain outcomes, and that can paralyze us or freeze us from taking an action.

Rajitha Sinha, Yale Stress Centre.
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Just Do It

One of the simplest ways to deal with this analysis paralysis is to just jump right into it. Follow your heart. It is important to remember that we are all humans, and we are bound to make mistakes, no matter what. One possibly wrong decision doesn’t mean the end of the world, and you don’t need to be perfect, because no one really is.

Just choose what you think is right for you, and what will truly make you happy in the end.

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14 Comments on “Stop Being Obsessed with Making the Right Decision

  1. Thank you for this post, Corinne. Happiness is a choice, and it truly matters. I had been in that overanalizing zone for some time, and it’s not a happy place for sure. Loved this post.

  2. Of course you are talking about me, Corinne! I get into this overthinking over analyzing mode, driving myself and everyone else around me crazy. There are times when I stopped with the thinking and just did. Those are the times I feel proud of looking back. 🙂

  3. Iam so happy to write for #MondayMusings again. 🙂
    Iam not a person who overthinks, but I try to perfect in what I do, which makes me stressed. The quote about worrying about problems is so true. I compeltely agree.
    There are times when the worry about the problem is a lot worse than the problem itself.


  4. Hi Corinne, thank you for a great post! And it’s so true that we should just jump right in and follow our heart. It’s not always easy of course although I have learnt over the years that there is no such thing as a right or wrong decision… it’s only what you do with what happens afterwards. I’ve found that to be such a relief in a way as it felt like less pressure. Thank you also for setting up MondayMusings – see you there 🙂

  5. I so love your posts . I am like that at times but over the years I have learnt to talk me out of it. I hope this message goes through, because last Monday musings I tried again and again and couldn’t post my comment

  6. I used to suffer from analysis paralysis, and the struggle is real! I’ve gotten much better with it over time, though. Glad Monday Musings is back – hopefully it will give me the push to start writing more regularly again!

  7. Hi Corinne – I’m the queen of over-thinking and over-analysis. It doesn’t paralyze me, but it certainly makes things a lot harder. I think I have to get more into the mindset of “what’s the worst that can happen?” I think this is a big part of why I’m feeling so unsettled at the moment – it’s like I want to change, but do I really, or is it something else, or is it me, or…….? It’s all kind of tiring at times!
    Thanks so much for being a part of #MLSTL

  8. That’s me! Over thinking, over analysing and driving myself crazy over decisions that I often think could affect me big time!
    I so need to chill, na?
    Thanks for this post, Corinne!

  9. Not just overthinking but second guessing ourselves too is our biggest fallacy as human beings. Then there is the critic in our head who starts shaking his head the moment we want to say yes to something.

    I suffer from all of this and it does take a toll but without this drama, I dont think I am able to judge if my decision is good or not. So maybe I have become stockholmed to this condition but its the way I go through making decisions.

  10. I too have been there. This is the second time this week I am reading about analysis paralysis. Maybe it is sign for me to mend my ways :P. Learning to take more risks and to just go with the flow 🙂 Yes, it is hard when you always want to get things right on first try.

  11. This reflection is exactly what I need and been a victim of overthinking that breeds the unproductive. Very articulated.

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