Staying Mentally And Physically Well At Work
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Staying Mentally And Physically Well At Work

Having a career can be a really rewarding experience, but there are many different risks and dangers that you must consider in order to keep yourself safe and healthy whilst working, no matter which role you take on. Whether you’re mastering the art of admin inside an office or exploring the world as a salesperson, you’re going to encounter a number of factors that can potentially have a negative effect on your mental or physical well-being. Learning how to navigate around these issues will help you to achieve ultimate job satisfaction, and it needn’t be as difficult as you might expect to stay safe and healthy throughout each and every shift. Here are two important points to ensure that you are staying mentally and physically well at work.

Staying Mentally And Physically Well At Work

Set Your Own Boundaries

Though your contract can state which activities you carry out along with some basic expectations for good behaviour, you are still within your rights to set your own boundaries in terms of personal space, respect, and several other factors. Being mistreated in the workplace can have a drastic effect on your well-being, encouraging you to experience increased low mood, poor motivation and potentially even trouble sleeping and eating as you normally would. You need not accept a violation of your boundaries in the workplace, as you deserve to feel comfortable and content through every shift you attend. If your boundaries are ignored, you must contact your HR department or the highest company representative you can find. Things like being touched without permission, being belittled or verbally abused, and unfair distribution of work or pay can all come with serious consequences for the perpetrator, so don’t allow such malpractice to go unchecked. If you fall victim to something serious such as an injury whilst at work due to the negligence of your colleagues, you must contact a team of skilled personal injury attorneys that can represent your case legally.

Stay Active & Eat Well

Pursuing a desk job can cause havoc for your health, as spending such a large amount of time sitting down in one position has many negative side effects that can be detrimental to your well-being. Using your initiative whilst at work to get up from your chair and move your body every 30 minutes can transform the way that you feel at work, as it will encourage your blood to pump through each of your muscles rather that pooling in your feet and at the base of your spine as you sit for hours on end. Even getting up to walk to the water dispenser is far better than nothing, so don’t make the mistake of staying still for your whole shift. It’s tempting to snack whilst at work as sugar cravings can creep in at any time – bad feedback may warrant a pick-me-up, whilst good feedback could see a reward. Rather than indulging in unhealthy treats that can cause mood swings, poor focus and eventual lethargy, choose fresh fruit or nuts instead. Eating well can help you to concentrate better, whilst also providing you with stable energy to see you through to the end of your shift.

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