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Split Open?

Certain events in the last few weeks have left me feeling very cheated by some people I considered friends.  A simple call for space was met with so much drama and attempts to control me, that I was aghast. While at my age, the behavior and choices of people should no longer surprise me – I guess I continue to be naive at many levels. The details are not important, but my feelings are. I have been told that my blog was being scanned for posts about them. I was even asked by one ‘well-wisher’ not to write anything about these people. I have and I will continue to write what I wish to on this and other situations. I will continue to be split open.

Split Open

No, I am not bitter and don’t wish any of these people ill. Neither am I saying that I’m right and they’re wrong. What I am saying is that I will not be silent about things that affect me.

I have sought over the last few years to make this blog a place of authenticity. I’m not going to be a cover-up artist and pretend all is well. Neither am I going to write  ‘tell-alls’ with names and details. No, I will discuss my feelings and how I am processing them. I will write about what I’ve learned from  situations. Because that’s what life is about – loving, being hurt, hurting, and learning to forgive and let go. If someone tells me that they’re above all of this, then I will start an application for her sainthood or call her a liar. I will also ask her to kindly stop reading my blog/s.

As I mentioned in this post, for too long I have allowed other people to dictate my words and actions – no longer.

“Write what disturbs you, what you fear, what you have not been willing to speak about. Be willing to be split open.” – Natalie Goldberg

Thank you for your comments on my past few posts – the responses will be completed over the next few days.

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96 Comments on “Split Open?

  1. I liked what you said Corinne and agree with it. More so because you didn’t play victim here, you just put out your feelings openly. I’ve done that at times too. This should work as a subtle way to let them know they’ve wronged.
    I’ve come across blogs that are mainly for justifications and explainations on how the writer is a saint and is cheated repeatedly. Yours is the simplest and honest one.

  2. I have two very important things to say.

    1) I adore your authenticity and your tenacity in sticking by your decisions. It’s not an easy thing to live a real life when so many want you to just get along and go along.

    2) You are a fantastic writer. I’ve read many things since meeting you and found them to be witty, thoughtful, occasionally profound and always surprising.

    You know I’m on your side 🙂

  3. Of course! You have all the right to express yourself in whatever manner you wish. No one controls our mind and no one must control our words…Atta girl!!


  4. I haven’t met you dear but I love your honesty and sincerity. We can’t please all the people all the time. Keep writing and keep being the warm caring person that you are.

  5. Corinne sometimes when feelings cannot be spoken they are at best written. And as a writer I can assure you that giving up your right to speak your mind is easier than giving up your right to pen them down. As a fellow blogger I appreciate your stand also your approach in not spelling out names which of course was mud slinging for many. At the same time as we say our blog chronicles our life you have written about your own emotions irrespective of where or who is concerned with them.

    As Kajal rightfully said “Atta girl!”

  6. Writing is, if nothing else, self expression. we accomplish this in various ways, but it is always a piece of the soul or it is not worth reading.
    I am sorry that you encountered stresses. It seems to be a common factor putting words on paper… there is always someone who dislikes a writer.
    Do what you do because its in your heart, because you must, because its a calling.


    1. Thanks so much for your words, Patrick. I love what you say about our writing being ‘a piece of the soul or it is not worth reading’. Words that I’m going to remember for a long time now.

  7. I wrote about this a couple of weeks ago. Me, I write what I damn well please. The blog is my virtual corner of the world and belongs to me and only me. I don’t filter or pander. It could be why I only have 2.5 friends, but hey, my words and voice are honest. Express yourself as it calls to you.

  8. I wish, all of us could be as honest & fearless as you are Corinne ! I trust, you have overcome the pain & sadness of going through this.

  9. A woman’s gotta do what she’s gotta do. Walk your path Corinne. Be yourself, that is what we love you for

  10. Our blog is our space and we are bound to express whatever we feel like. Way to go.!!!! Proud of you!

  11. I was mentally planning my comment when I came across your reference to my ‘About Me’ page. 🙂
    I am totally with you on this one.

  12. Corinne ,it really pained me to read someone is trying to take you for granted! Corinne it is a fact that right from the beginning I found you to be a very sincere. In the this blogging sphere you are held in great esteem,but you are very humble. I admire your spirit to face all this with poise, and and a cool mind. Let the barking dogs bark!!

  13. Such straight from the heart crisp thoughts…It takes courage to acknowledge and even more to pen down such feelings that have bruised you… There can be no better medium to vent it out like this. It resonates with so many of us who could not express it and still have that lump in the heart… you might also be feeling light now… expression is always good… but letting go after your have said it is even more important..

  14. Really? There are people who would try to restrict what you will write on your blog? Never knew that censorship had taken such a hold on this society. Good for you that you refuse to toe THAT line.

    As an aside, I’m afraid I hv lost touch with your blog again. Partly cos I was away on an ill-fated trek and mostly cos you hv stopped posting on Indiblogger – again 🙂

    1. Oh yes, the world is made up of all kinds of people, Suresh. Sometimes censorship comes from people who we perceive to be close to us – and that’s the unkindest cut of all, eh?

      Yes, I’m off posting on IB and it doesn’t matter about you not reading my blog – so glad you’re safe!

          1. There was no misunderstanding, Corinne. I knew that what you were saying was that you were not upset that I was not reading your posts nor were you holding it against me. And my reply was addressed on that basis – that it mattered to me that I was not getting to read.

            Tell me once you find a work-around 🙂

  15. I’m stunned that this happened to you, dear Corinne! I know you will never lose your authenticity, and I’m really someone tried to urge you to do so. {{hugs}}

  16. Rock the Heck On, Corinne!!!!!! I love watching you G-R-O-WWWWWWWW!!!!!

    Learning who you are and feeling free to share yourself authentically with the world is one of the most (maybe even THE MOST?) wonderful gifts life has to offer! So happy to share this journey with YOU!


  17. Our blog is our private space and we can write about anything under the sun. F**k the world who thinks or try to teach us otherwise. Way to go Corinne.

  18. Hi Corinne

    Truth be that you can never please everyone. You will always have someone that will criticize unless you become so passive and then you have no voice. I guess I am lucky that most people I write about never take the time to read my blog or are no longer alive. But it is still your experience with them that matters. If you never mention names or something like “my older sister” and you only have one and everyone knows who you are talking about, then I see no reason some should be so upset with what you write.

    Writers write for the love of it or some kind of self-therapy whatever the reason does not matter, if the reader gains some insight to their own problems then that is a plus. Some secrets are best left unsaid, as we all have something we never want to share with the world and that is the way it should be. Not sure why some would want to silence what you share.


    1. Oh yes, Mary we can’t please them all, can we? I’m very careful not to mention names, and often change gender too! I try to write what effects my life and hope someone else will be gain some insight, like you said.

  19. Corinne, I am shocked that the content on your blog is being dictated. I have had some bad brushes with blogging as well. When someone who called themselves your friend goes ahead and badmouthes you, it hurts. But though I acknowledged the feelings and took some time to get over them, I never stopped believing that this too shall pass. Take your time and believe in yourself! Do what your conscience says is right.

  20. Corinne, I firmly believe that what needs to be written will be written and no one can scan and dictate what one writes. Please keep the good work going for through your writings many find directions and clarity.

    Cheers to more.

    Joy always,

  21. Corinne,

    We never can please everybody. The best we can do is be ourselves, try our best and try not to hurt people. I’m more than 100% sure you are doing all of these. People get jealous, say some very spiteful things and at times do terrible things to us. We being humans, get hurt or are offended. I think that is natural, for it means that we have always been sincere in the particular relationship since the new turn of events has affected us so deeply.
    To learn to walk steady, we first try, fail and then get better at it na 🙂
    Stick by what you know is right, like you always have. We are all on your side 🙂
    Loads of love..

  22. I have always been for you and with you esp. when you have decided to trek the road of authenticity. When words are ‘veiled’ they are difficult to follow.

    Continue BS.

  23. Apparently, Corinne… wherever I see, there is a painful churning going on in everyone’s lives. We are all battling so many things but what strikes me is their simultaneity. You are a brave lady and continue to be so. Truth always hurts especially to those, who wear the tag of truth on their forehead, and expect to be believed as honest people.
    The rest of us… will continue with our lives’ journeys, and record our learnings and rejoice in our lasting friendships.
    After all, it’s only during the tough times that God reveals who is really your true friends and who is not.

  24. Corinne,
    Life is full of surprises and we are faced with some unimaginable challenges and situations but how we deal with them defines us. I love the fact that you are so open and fearless about this whole fiasco.I am with you, write what your heart tells you to and never mind the insecure ones who write less but worry about what others do on their personal spaces more.

  25. It is your blog Corinne so you should write whatever you feel. I’m stunned that there are some who would control others in such a way. Keep doing what you’re doing. It’s the authenticity that endears me to your blog. Hugs.

  26. Corinne – As long as I have known you, you have always been a thoughtful and honest person and have written so eloquently about it. You are a purposeful teacher that learns from your own lessons and shares them.

    There is no sage advice to offer here that you haven’t sorted out for yourself, only support for you and the path you are on. Perhaps the folks who want to dictate to and control you should spend that energy on their own personal growth…I’m just saying.

    Be well,

  27. Stay authentic, no matter what, Corinne! You have every right to write what is on your heart and to express your opinion, always.
    I got reamed recently by certain readers when I expressed a rather controversial point of view. My take? I’ll durned well say what I want how I want to. If you don’t like it, leave the blog!
    Blessings, my friend!

  28. That’s what a writer gotta do…exfoliate cause that helps in the expression of words and be a great writer!

    Happy Friday, Corrine!

  29. I completely agree with you. If you can’t write freely, you are not being true to yourself. I too have had a similar experience but with Facebook where certain people were offended bu what I had written.