Snacking for Healthier Brighter Teeth

Snacking for Healthier Brighter Teeth

Your teeth become susceptible to bacteria and acid attacks as well as stains each time you eat, simply from the foods that you consume throughout the day, which often contain sugar and other ingredients that contribute to discoloration, plaque buildup, enamel erosion, and tooth decay. So why not make the foods that you eat work for you to help provide a healthier smile? Why not try snacking for healthier brighter teeth?

In fact, similar to white strips, which many crest white strip reviews hail as an effective and affordable way to brighten your smile conveniently at home, various foods also help brighten your teeth, and they can also be eaten in combination with white strip treatments to help prolong the results.

Snacking for Healthier Brighter Teeth

Some foods that have been shown to help clean your teeth and brighten your smile as you eat include:


Cheese, which does not actually help clean the teeth, is high in calcium, which helps strengthen the bones and teeth. It helps prevent foods from damaging the enamel by remineralizing the teeth after minerals have been depleted from the teeth by acids.

Cheese also contains casein, which is a protein that helps strengthen the teeth as well as helps prevent cavities. Therefore, snack on a stick or a few cubes of cheese in between meals to give your teeth more calcium and help keep them healthy and strong.

Milk, yogurt, nuts, and green vegetables, such as spinach and broccoli, are high in calcium as well.

Raw Apples

Though apples are not meant to replace brushing, they do contain fiber, which helps scrub food pieces and germs from your teeth. The fibrous content can help stimulate the gums.

Apples contain a high water content that helps with the production of saliva, which helps wash away matter. Therefore, enjoy an apple following meals in order to help cleanse your mouth and protect your teeth against cavities.

Snacking for Healthier Brighter Teeth

Raw Carrots

Raw carrots are high in fiber as well, and they are crunchy, which helps remove food particles and bacteria from the teeth. They also help increase saliva, which helps prevent cavities. Furthermore, carrots are high in vitamin A, which provides many benefits for the mouth, including helps keep your mucous membranes healthy, helps prevent dry mouth, and helps your oral cavity heal quickly.

Snack on a handful of raw carrots, or simply add them to a salad for a teeth cleansing treat that is sure to make you smile knowing that you are protecting your teeth.

Raw Celery

Celery is watery and full of fibrous strings, which like carrots and apples, behave similarly to a toothbrush to help remove food debris and germs from your teeth. Celery also contains Vitamin C as well as Vitamin A, which are both antioxidants that help protect gum tissue from bacterial infection and cell damage.

Simply enjoy a few stalks of celery on their own, or top them with a bit of peanut butter for a mouth-healthy snack any time of the day.

Raw Cucumbers

Cucumbers are 95 percent water, which helps increase saliva in your mouth and helps rinse away enamel-damaging bacteria. They are also high in fiber, which helps clean the teeth. Cucumbers contain vitamin K and vitamin A as well as potassium, which helps strengthen the teeth and prevent tooth decay.

The crunchy texture of cucumbers makes them a great healthy alternative to traditional crackers. Simply slice the cucumber into 1-inch rounds, and then top the rounds with your favorite toppings for a nutritious snack that’s also good for your teeth.


Stevia, which is an artificial sweetener that is made from the leaves of the stevia plant, is an alkaline-promoting food that helps prevent plaque from forming on the teeth.

Simply add stevia to your favorite beverages, such as tea, coffee, and lemonade, for a plaque-fighting boost.

Green-Leaf Vegetables

Green-leaf vegetables, such as escarole, arugula, kale, and spinach, contain fiber and calcium, which helps strengthen your teeth and remove plaque and food particles as you eat them. Green-leaf vegetables are high in B vitamins, which can help prevent gum disease.

Green-leaf vegetables are easy to add to your diet. Simply enjoy them in a salad, or add them to your sandwich in the place of lettuce. You can also top your pizza with some green-leaf vegetables for a healthy dose of fiber and vitamins.

Sweet Potatoes

Like apples, sweet potatoes also promote alkaline in your mouth, which allows your teeth to get stronger and whiter as you eat them.

Simply swap your usual baked potato or fries for the sweet potato version for a naturally sweet snack that also helps protect your teeth.

In addition to snacking healthy for a brighter smile, it is also important to maintain your overall well being, which helps contribute to a healthy mouth.


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