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Small Space For a Garden? A Tiny Pond Will Do the Job!

If you have a green thumb, you probably want to set up a garden. Sometimes, though, this isn’t possible. Sometimes you just have too small a space for a garden. Depending on where you live, the soil quality in your yard, and how much room you have, there are options you can consider.

Small Space For a Garden?

Making Space

If you’re desperate and absolutely need to set up a garden, there’s a bit of good news. With some wooden planks, a tarp, and purchased soil, you can set aside a mini garden. It’s essential, though, that you understand the setup will be very limited.

person digging on soil using garden shovel
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What you want to do is create somewhat of a crate. Next, place the tarp inside the half box made out of wooden planks, and make sure it wraps around all sides. You can use tape or heavy-duty staples to keep it in place. Finally, dump the soil inside the crate and plant as you would in a typical outdoor garden.

Mind you; this alternative provides a very different experience to the standard. Don’t expect a sprawling forest of plants, fruits, and vegetables. This is only for those that are truly longing for a personal garden. 

The Tiny Pond Compromise

If you live in an apartment or a home without a backyard, a traditional garden will be impossible to create. However, you can make somewhat of a compromise. You can set up a tiny pond to add some life to a room, balcony, or small porch.

In many ways, a small pond is more engaging, enjoyable, and entertaining than a garden. Besides running water that provides a zen effect nearby, you can add little extras to spruce up your pond.


If you add a tiny pond to your home, you can plop in some fish buddies. This way, besides the soothing sound of running water from a mini fountain, you can enjoy the splashing of some new freshwater friends.

orange and white koi fish near yellow koi fish
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The team behind Aquatic Ponds says that your best picks are either goldfish or koi. These are easy to feed, fun to watch, and the perfect fit for a small pond.


Yes, you don’t need a garden to add some interesting plants to your life. Sure, there are plenty of potted alternatives, but adding greenery to a pond offers plenty of enjoyment. Mosaic plants and water lettuce are easy to keep and look pretty. 

Indoor or Outdoor

Before you jump into the idea of adding a small pond to your home, you need to decide whether it’ll be inside or outside. If your balcony or porch has enough room for a small table and a medium-sized bowl, you’re set to leave it in the sun or shade and an outdoor environment.

However, there’s no need to fret If you have to place it inside. All you need to do in this case Is find a part of your home where a table or stool with a container on top, and perhaps some lighting, won’t disturb your movement around the house. 

Win-Win Situation

If you choose to add a small pond to your life, know that there are plenty of benefits to enjoy. You don’t have to remain frustrated at the fact that you can’t set up a garden. Try your best to enjoy your new project, and you might see why this can work as a hobby comparable to a plot of land that you can tend to.

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  1. Hi Corinne – I love little ponds – they make a lovely little feature in the garden without too much maintenance. We have a converted large pot that holds some pond plants and several fish – they seem very happy and I love popping over to watch them when I’m out in the yard. Loved those coloured fountains in the link.

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