Showing Up For Myself
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Showing Up For Myself

I notice that most women will happily do things for others, showing up for others and putting their own needs second. Perhaps, it’s years of indoctrination by family and culture. In India, women, especially mothers, are deified and sacrificing everything for the family is seen as a great virtue! I’m calling BS on this! I’m going to be showing up for myself first!

Showing Up For Myself in 2023

It’s time we all, men and women, started taking care of ourselves in the same way we are there for other people.

I’ve learned the hard way, that unless I prioritise my own needs before those of my partner, my family, my work, my friends, my readers, I’m not going to be doing justice to anyone. The people I am serving are not going to get the best version of me or what I can offer, if I don’t make myself a priority.

Showing up for myself and for my life takes time to learn. With my word of the year being heal, I think this is the best time to focus on myself.

If I want to put my gifts into service for others, I must first show up for myself. As Oprah Winfrey says, ‘When you make yourself a priority, it is easier to align with who you are, the gifts you have to give, and your true purpose.

How Do I Show Up For Myself In The Same Way I Do For Others?

These are the first thoughts that came to my mind when I asked myself the question.

  1. Resting more.
  2. Making time for things that bring me joy – listening to music, singing, watching a movie, just day dreaming.
  3. Setting boundaries so that people can’t take me, my time or my resources for granted.
  4. Learning to say ‘no’ without any guilt.
  5. Being more attuned with my intuition and following it.
  6. Be compassionate and forgiving towards myself.
  7. Making sure I look after my physical health.
  8. Not being apologetic about the way I am.
  9. Spending more time on self-care.
  10. Writing and journaling with a view to healing.

As the year goes on, I might add more to this list.

Please share how you show up for yourself or plan to in 2023.

Additional resources:

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  3. An illustrated guide to showing up for yourself from NPR

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6 Comments on “Showing Up For Myself

  1. I could identify with every single aspect of self- neglect at the cost of others( friends & relatives). That’s the main reason I’m holding on to my job. Without it, I’m lost.

  2. Lovely is the word that first came to me when I read this post. Not just for the beauty of writing, but for the truth that’s been spoken here !
    An empty cup can never fill another, right ?
    As you’ve rightly mentioned, years of conditioning do this to us – we find ourselves at the bottom of our list of priorities.
    Let us heal, let us be at peace with ourselves <3
    Much love, Corinne !!

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