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Recognizing Spiritual Signs In Your Life

Some individuals take an active interest in spiritual signs and symbols. They will spend extended periods of time studying what different signs and symbols could mean, allowing them to identify their meaning when they appear in their day to day lives. However, others don’t necessarily seek out spiritualism – it is thrust upon us by the universe. We will slowly begin to notice certain items or concepts appearing frequently in our lives. We will see these things surfacing time and time again, and we won’t be able to avoid feeling that they might have some significance to us as individuals. But not to worry. There are particular trends in spirituality and many of the same symbols have similar meanings for the majority of us. Chances are that if you’ve been noticing the repeated presence of something, others may have too. This has helped us to determine what exactly these symbols mean. So, to help you along the way in understanding what you should take from these things, and to put your mind at ease, here are some common interpretations of common spiritual symbols.

Recognizing Spiritual Signs In Your Life

Recognizing Spiritual Signs
In Your Life

White Feathers

There are certain places that you expect to find feathers. If you’re walking through a local park and there are plenty of ducks, geese, and swans hanging about, you’d expect to see some of their feathers on the floor. If you visit a farm where there are chickens preening themselves, you’d expect to find feathers here too. However, every so often, you may find a white feather in a place that you wouldn’t expect it. Perhaps you’ll find one in your home. Maybe you’ll get into your car and find a white feather inside. What can explain this? Well, it’s commonly believed that white feathers are gifts from the spiritual realm. Certain spiritualists will believe that they have a designated guardian angel watching over them. If this is something that you agree with, your feather may be a small signal that things are going to be okay. Others believe that feathers are sent from loved ones who have passed away, as a comforting gesture or to show that they are nearby.


Do you ever find yourself seeing the same number over and over again? Of course, we see seemingly endless numbers on a day to day basis: on clocks, price tags, buses, food packaging, volumes of books and magazines, use instructions on cosmetic products… they’re everywhere. When you see something regularly and the numbers in question are random, they tend to blend into the background of our consciousness. But every now and then, we will notice that we see a particular number pop up regularly. It will seem to be everywhere and this can’t help to raise questions regarding its significance. Now, one number that many individuals tend to see cropping up time and time again, day in and day out, is 555. On a spiritual level, 555 has profound significance, so you may be seeing it for a reason. You can visit Readings With Matt to learn more.


11:11 also falls into the category of numerological interpretation. Why? Well, because so many people see it! It’s highly likely that you yourself have happened to look at the clock just as it reads 11:11. Consider there are 1440 minutes a day and 11:11 can only displayed once or at most twice during a day, what are the chances you’d happen to regularly look at the clock during this time? The number 1 is supposed to symbolise the fact that we can create our own realities and thoughts, beliefs, actions, and intentions. Noticing a full row of 1s (as in 11:11) can signify that your thoughts and beliefs are aligned with universal truths. What’s more? The new moon falls on the 11th of the 11th month of the year! The moon has profound spiritual significance – you can read more about this here.

White Butterflies

White butterflies have been endowed with profound spiritual significance by a whole hosts of cultures. So, if you’re visited by a white butterfly, what could it mean? Well, perhaps the most common interpretation of a white butterfly is that given to them by ancient Chinese symbology – that a white butterfly symbolises the soul of a lost loved one. This reading is also common in Irish culture, where white butterflies were said to carry the souls of departed children. This reading was so respected that it was actually illegal to kill a white butterfly in Ireland until the 1600s.

Electrical Interference

Now, there are plenty of logical reasons out there for electrical interference. Perhaps a wire has come loose and is causing the lights to flicker, or a bulb is about to run out. Maybe your smartphone is malfunctioning for some reason or another. However, if you can’t identify any reasonable cause for electrical interference, or witness flickering lights or radios cutting out on a one-off basis, this could represent a spirit visiting you who is either making their presence known or attempting to communicate with you somehow. Don’t be scared. Horror films have often made use of this trope and many people now take it as a sign of malevolence or bad will, but this isn’t the case.

It would be nearly impossible to survey every spiritual symbol out there in just one article. But these are some of the most commonly recognised and prevalently experienced spiritual signs. Hopefully, these brief summaries of each will be able to settle any concerns, doubts, or other thoughts that may have established themselves in your mind when you have experienced them!

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  1. That was indeed a very interesting and insightful read. I remember the one on finding a lone feather, and following it through. It’s a very charming omen indeed. I hope you will share more of these spiritual signs in another article, Corinne. This was nice.

  2. I am a believer in the spiritual side of things and guess we need a mind which observes things in perspective which you are Corinne. A very interesting post and at the time same digit on the clock struck. I will pay more attention to details now.

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