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7 Reasons Why I Love My Dog

When you read the headline of this post, you will naturally presume that I have a dog.  But, I must correct you, we have a Boxer! 😉 Let me explain before you think I’ve completely lost it.

I’ve had a dog almost my entire life or at least since the time I was 5, when my parents got fed up of me begging them to get one. They got us a lovely black Labrador, courtesy a family friend. Since then, we had several dogs of various breeds too. When I got married, I didn’t think we’d have a dog, because Jose had never had one before. Moreover, I wasn’t sure how it would work out having a dog in an apartment in Mumbai.

Thankfully, Jose was eager to have a dog too and after much research we decided to get a boxer. That’s when I realized that boxers are not really dogs! 😉 No, they’re half-human, I’m certain. Just look at that expression! (Pablo shares a blog with Jose and me. He also has his own Facebook Page.).


 But I’ve digressed before I’ve started, haven’t I?

There are plenty of reasons why I love my dog ( what’s not to love? 😉 ). Let me share 7 of them with you.

He’s  a bundle of love –  Dog lovers all the world will tell you that there’s nothing to compare to doggy-love. It’s unconditional.

He’s quiet – Pablo hardly ever barks. At first,  we were worried and then we read that most often dogs bark when they feel threatened or deprived. The vet assured us that it was perfectly normal too. On the rare occasions he does bark, I’m sure the neighbours go down on their knees and thank God for the fact that he’s quiet! 😉

He’s super-friendly – He’s an absolute extrovert – loves people – especially children. This sometimes can work against him because he feels that he has to have a face to face chat with every one! He’s very friendly with other dogs too and is always eager to make a new friend.

He’s our alarm clock – Okay, so there are days we grumble, but on most days we appreciate that Pablo gets us up early – so that he can be taken for a walk. But Pablo also ensures that we go to bed sooner than we might by giving us this look! 😉


He is the best stress-buster ever – It’s hard to stay upset or stressed when you have big, crazy dog around. His expressions and antics always succeed in bringing a smile to our face. He’s seen us through some really stressful times of illness.

He acts as a great reminder that every day is a new one – Pablo’s level of excitement and sense of anticipation for every walk and every car drive is a huge lesson to me. He’s a constant reminder that there’s always good things ahead and we must look forward to every new day with excitement and anticipation.

Do you have a pet? And what difference does s/he make to your life? Do share.

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60 Comments on “7 Reasons Why I Love My Dog

  1. Aww, Pablo sounds like such a sweetheart. Love him! Our pets are the best!

    I just got a new orange boy kitten and I’m smitten already. Hey, that rhymes.

    Give Pablo an extra cuddle from me!

  2. Although I have never had a pet myself, I have had enough friends and relatives with dogs as pets to be able to somewhat relate to this post myself.

    Completely agree with the part when you say that they give you unconditional love irrespective of your mood, time of day or whatever else. And BTW, loved the pics as well.

    Nice post…

  3. Oh, Corinne, what a love Pablo is, and how our pets truly encourage us to live in the moment and practice unconditional love. I do miss having a dog and doubt I will ever have another, but so enjoyed the years I had with the precious ones who honored me by calling me “friend.”
    Blessings to you, Jose, and precious Pablo!

  4. Awww!! Pablo sounds like a sweetheart!! 🙂
    I’m not really an animal person, but I do understand why dogs make such awesome, amazing pets!! 🙂

  5. Pablo is very sweet.I am reminded of my pet dog labrador, Elsa who was with us for twelve years.She died recently.She was so cute,lovable and child like.We miss her.

  6. You are so right! Boxers are just four-legged humans!!! Our brindle boxer, whiskey (f), is almost 12 years old. However, she is still active and is like an extension of my self. She wakes me up every morning for food and green beans. About 10:30 every evening, she nudges my leg as a way of saying, “It is time for bed.”

    If I have work to do, we drag her bed next to me and Whiskey lays and sleeps, snores and dreams until I wake her to help me feed and water our cats and then say goodnight!

    She has her own settee in my room with a dog bed on top. She stays there and if I am winding down will raise her head and smile at me, as if to say, you are so funny! Put in Eight Below and turn of the light. OF course, I have to remember to put the sleep timer on as well!

    So happy you have Pablo! My heart pulls tight knowing that Whiskey will not be with me forever. THere’s still plenty of time to love and honor her now!

  7. I’d love to have a dog as a pet, but except me, everyone else in my house is against it! I will anyway get a pet later on. Earlier, when we used to stay in apartments, we had a common dog. It was actually brought from the forest, it seems. I was mighty impressed with it – It can read people so accurately and it will guard the flat (from cows, other stray dogs, etc) so well. Sometimes I feel that dogs know more than people! But I don’t like the concept of chaining the dogs to take it for a walk or building a small cage inside home and locking them.

    Destination Infinity

  8. Yeah ! A dog post! Same pinch 🙂
    Sometimes, I pity those who’ve never had a dog. They have no idea what they are missing out on… UNCONDITIONAL LOVE 24/7! No evil ulterior motives (except the food in your unattended plate, of course), no nakras… just pure joy and craziness.

    1. This is my husband’s first dog – for a variety of reasons he couldn’t have one earlier. I’ve always had a dog and can hardly imagine life without one. No nakras? It’s obvious you haven’t met Pablo, Roshan! 😉

  9. I love these absolute-truth type posts. I am too chicken to get a dog, but I get to enjoy all my friends’ pets. And of course, I go overboard clicking photos of all the man’s-best-friends I see. The unconditional love and faith is the best part.

    Pablo is a lovely “boy”!

  10. My son has been begging for a dog for long time now. (Btw, just to please him we had taken him to a nearby pet shop, and the sight of a barking German shepherd puppy terrified him.) Now, he has started begging for a parrot now.

    1. My husband and I had a smile when we read your comment, Jini. And over the last few days, he’ll remember your comment and we smile again. I hope your son gets over his fear – boxers are so child friendly! 🙂

  11. I am actually pretty scared of dogs and hubby has been wanting to keep one for sometime now. Shail and you are making me reconsider his proposal. Let’s see how it goes. 🙂

  12. Oh Corinne, Pablo dragged me to this post…
    Today morning, when we went down for a walk, all of us were keeping to ourselves, in our own thought-world. Then came in Betsy, our friend’s dog and the whole atmosphere changed. She came licked everyone and jumped on us and made us so happy that the whole perspective to the day changed. Amazing is their love…that unconditional love 🙂
    Pls pass on some (((Hugs))) to Pablo !!

  13. Love Pablo’s expressions in the pictures :). He’s really cute. Dogs and pets make a huge difference to life and we can learn so much from them. My sister has a boxer and looks exactly like Pablo 🙂

  14. Never really been an animal person – since I am not comfortable with any living being that I cannot talk to (so, you guessed it, I am in extreme discomfort around babies as well 🙂 ) BUT you almost make me regret not having a dog ..oops..Boxer 🙂

  15. Pablo is so sweet and cute! My parents had Candy and she was a sweetheart. Was so affectionate, caring and understanding. She passed away many years ago. We had a Dalmatian Pepper and he was a BRAT. Made my life hell. So we gave him back. KG and AG are crazy about dogs but I have a condition that they have to take care of him too… Taking care of pets is a big responsibility. Also the OCD for cleanliness is a big hindrance for keeping a pet in a flat. We will have one, when Aaryan is old enough to take him for walks etc.

  16. Pablo is so cute. Nice post. Dogs are awesome. I had 2 a mongrel Snoopy (and he did look like Charlie Brown’s Snoopy_ and a poodle Fuji.

  17. My blog started because of my Lab “Buddy” and since then I have been just writing and even made it my profession. My first ever post is about him. I believe that dogs have been sent on earth to show us everyday that we need to live in the moment and not take ourselves seriously.

    I believe life is incomplete without a dog.

  18. Corinne,
    I always thought that Dalmatians were half-human 🙂 But I guess all dog lovers feel that way about their kids. Pablo is a sweetheart and I look forward to meeting him someday soon.

  19. Your Pablo is cute, Corinne. I used to be scared of dogs. My older son who also used to be scared of dogs asked me if he could have one. Well the answer is, for now, NO!

  20. My parents never had a pet….they never did, inspite of how much of a howl I have made as a child. Anyhow, we had a neighbor’s dog who used to stay all day at our home and I bonded with him pretty well. We were inseparable and as soon as he would wake up in the morning he would run over to out place so that I could take him out for a walk and in the evening he would not let me study till his evening walk was done. I loved him just like he loved me- unconditionally. Until one day he fell sick and died in my arms. I howled that day. A part of me died with him too. I am just too scared to have a pet now, though little Missy keeps insisting. 🙂

  21. cute post, Corinne. The first and last dog I had was Tinku who was taken away by the truck. I still miss him and was five years. I loved him a lot. Since then, I had no pet and thinking of having one but scared. Tell me, what is the best way to win their hearts?

  22. Oh, what a beautiful looking dog. That face is a face that can manipulate you all day long, I just love it. If ever you are lonely and need a faithful companion, then I will always advise someone who is capable of caring for a pet to get a dog. Due to my circumstances such as space and time, I don’t have a dog but when or if that ever changes, it’s my dream to have at least 2 of them. They can change your mood and brighten your day.

  23. Pablo seems to be gem. And cute name too.
    I never had a pet, but it’s in my wish list since I started reading so many posts about how wonderful pets are.

  24. Aww…such a wonderful tribute to your dog. I miss my two dogs, Sebby and Max. They were brothers…English Springer Spaniels. They brought so much joy to my life, but I don’t think I could raise any more. Maybe I just don’t want another dog taking their places, not that it would. Anyway, this brought back so many memories for me. Thank you.

  25. Hi Corinne

    Not a dog lover, but I have met a few dogs in my life that I have liked. I am a cat lover and will stop and talk to any cat. I am hopelessly in love with Siamese, just adore those little clown faces…it is really hard to get mad at them, besides they have 8 points going for them over any other cats when they have done something wrong. The 2 I have now don’t get into much trouble. the oldest one is blind. The other one is such a love and I can carry on a conversation with her, complete with answers for 5 minutes.

    They are definitely stress reducers and I can never imagine life without cats. The Siamese are the closest thing to having a dog.

    Your dog seems like a perfect family member.


  26. OMG! The expressions! Pablo does seem half human. I agree with all your points. Only dogs can give you unconditional love. And each day and each moment is exciting and filled with anticipation. In that I resemble dogs 😉

  27. Pablo..i have already fallen in love with u ;). Would love to meet him Corrine.I can say i had grown up having dogs for company. I get along with them fabulously :).This was before marriage. Then married a sailor and life changed. He never had one before.I did cajole him to bring one home 😛 but in vain. It was my daughter who could do what i couldn’t 😀

    With transferable job it was not possible to have during the travelling period. After he finished his bond period we came down and settled in Andhra. So, one day, some 13yrs back ago my daughter brought one home from her karate institution. A lovely roadasian with eyes that could melt hearts .A tiny bundle of joy. She was not only a pet, but my little daughter and yes, my friends and students did refer her as such :D. Last year in August she left to the pets paradise and i am still mourning and miss her so much!.

    Their affection and loyalty has no comparison!

  28. I love dogs but I am the only one in my family who holds that opinion. And hence animals are a no-no in the house. My wife is dead scared of them. It is kind of an over-my-dead-body situation. 🙁

  29. Well, I feel I must correct you. Boxers are not the only ones that are not ‘dogs’. I think all dogs are family members. 🙂 My daughters’s cat will call out “Mama” when he wants attention…but that is another story. Isn’t it funny when we included our pets in conversations like”Mom loves you” or “Take this to Papa.”

    I have never had a boxer but my nephew raised them and I have always liked them. They seem like gentle tough guys.

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