practicing trust
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Practising Trust

I often write about trusting the Universe and opening oneself up to its abundance. But writing about it is much easier than practising trust!

Practising Trust

I have so many plans. So much I want to do. Sitting in my studio and reflecting I feel buoyed up. Convinced that I can make a difference to others through my writing and through my training. But I hold back. Something stops me from going forward with my plans.

Fears that run deep. Of failure. Not being good enough. Self-doubt. A lack of trust in my own skills and ability. Failing faith in God.

I start and stop. Falter. Push myself again. One step forward, two steps backward.


How can I go on this way? I must start to work on the plans I’ve made. But more importantly, I’ve just got to start. I’ve got to take the next right step. And move forward in faith and trust.

“Trust the process by putting in the practice, because if you trust whatever life situation you’re in, if you’re deciding which direction to go, and you’re like, ‘I’m just going to trust. I’m just going to sit here and trust,’ but you never take those next steps, you’re not going to move forward . . . ” – Stephanie Duncan Smith on The Next Right Thing, Emily P Freeman’s Podcast

At the end of each day, I must reflect whether I cared enough about these plans to start working on them. Did I show up today? Today, did I trust enough to take some smalls steps towards my goal?

Today, I surrender myself to Grace, knowing that I am accepted and strengthened enough to move forward in trust.

May you be inspired – every day!


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3 Comments on “Practising Trust

  1. Thank you for this. We’ve been trying to sell this house and purchase a smaller one in a gated community. Our first attempt fell through the other day and just when I was losing faith, your post appeared in my in-box. The Universe is listening… I don’t know what steps I can take to push this goal forward, but knowing that the Universe is aware of my needs, has to be sufficient.

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