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Persistence In Practice

Habit is persistence in practice.

– Octavia Butler

Is it my imagination or are the months whizzing by faster than we realize? I felt like I had hardly made plans for June than it was time to think of July. I linked up to Lisa’s Word of the Year post and posted my May update and plans for June on the 21st . This time I’m posting earlier but will still link up on that lovely round up of posts.

I find Emily Freeman’s questions at the end of each month a great way to reflect and plan.

Persistence In Practice

1. Where did you see God in June?

I took a break from this blog for much of May and June, only posting scheduled posts. It was a time of learning and getting more clarity. I also managed to get The Frangipani Creative podcast back on and write more posts on that blog which was very satisfying. I wish I could report that everything was wonderful, but it wasn’t. Looking back, I’m sad to say that it was dominated by Covid to some extent.

In the second week of June I developed giddiness – my sugar and blood pressure were normal and I didn’t seem to have a year ache, but I had low grade fever. We have been very careful, and so it was hard to believe that I might have Covid. Anyway, not to take any chances, I got tested and was clear. Funnily, the giddiness cleared up too!!

Then, we spent a lot of time trying to get slots for our second dose of the vaccine. I’m happy to say that our persistence paid off and José and I have had our second dose. Gratitude for this blessing and the fact that we have options to work from home and order stuff in to be safe.

If I was to say where I saw God in June it was in all the times I got insights into the past and people’s behaviour while I wrote my Morning Pages. This helps me understand myself better and get closer to making peace with the past. The funny thing is that more than forgiving others, I have to work on forgiving myself for allowing things to be done to me. It’s an ongoing process, but I’m glad to be working on it.

2. What have you been thinking the most about this month?

I have been thinking about writing and working on looking more closely into what I want to write about and for whom. I’ve spent a lot of quiet time reflecting on this and also practicing my writing.

I also spent time mourning the loss of an old friend to Covid, marveling at the legacy he’s left and wondering about what I’m leaving behind!

3. What is one word to describe what you hope for as we move into July?

Habit. That’s what I’m hoping to work on in July. I’ve been steadily working one focusing better over the last few months, but actually incorporating some habits into my routine and setting them in stone is what I need to improve on. I’ve played around with my routine a to have a chunk of time in the evening for journaling and also writing 500-750 words. It’s amazing how simple this can be when we block off time to do this. 15 minutes for journaling and 20 minutes for writing is all it takes. Another block of time – two hours for learning on a weekly basis. Marking these times as complete at the end of the day in my Bullet Journal is so satisfying.

Stop thinking one day your routines and daily feelings of life will magically change. You have to set boundaries, block time, and feel the day now. You have to do the work to architect the life you desire.

– Brendon Burchard

Habit – persistence in practice is my way of translating my word of the year ‘Yes’ into action in July. What’s your plan?

Linking in to Lisa’s One Word 2021 for July.

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12 Comments on “Persistence In Practice

  1. The months really are whizzing past! Can’t believe how fast this year is going. I love this post, it has a lot of joy radiating from it. Sometimes a break is what we need to renew our passion and get back to blogging. I wish you all the best for July x

  2. There are quite a lot on my list of to-do, both personal and official. I have slotted time for each of them. That way I keep myself occupied. A learning exercise that I have undertaken is learning French.

  3. Hi Corinne – I can’t believe June is gone already either – the year slips by – maybe because I’m not marking the days until I have holidays anymore? Glad your journalling is helping you work through some thoughts and issues. I’ve often wondered what it is about me that allowed me to work in so many jobs where I felt under-appreciated, and especially in the last one where I was sucked dry by the crazy woman I worked for. I’ve learned a lot about boundaries and self-respect through that process and I think I still have a fair way to go before I can let the opinions of others wash over me untouched.

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