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Opposites Attract?

Opposites Attract?

She was in love with him. He showed no emotion.

“Can I take you for dinner?”
“Pick you up at 7 ?”
“Where are we going?”
“A surprise. Dress casually.”

They stop at a house.
“Who lives here?”
“My parents. I want them to meet my future wife.”

She was grateful she had clearly misunderstood him.

“Do come and stay with us?”
“Are you sure?”
“Oh, yes!”

Why had she invited Ramya? She had to clean, cook and take her sight-seeing.

Why had she accepted Padma’s invite? She had to buy her an expensive present. They had nothing in common though they were cousins.

Nothing in common? Both were real phony.


“The cops! Act naturally!”

“Talk is you’ve brought a young girl home.”
“She’s my niece, sir. She just got home from a party.”
“Girl, are you crying?”
“She had a fight with her friend.”

“Is this your Uncle?”
She nods.

The cop leaves.

He slaps her face hard.
“I’ll  give you something to cry about, you bitch.”


The reason I’m calling this post Opposites Attract is because the prompt requires you to include a sentence with opposite words in it – underlined in my three 55ers above. 





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  1. You are good at it. All 3 are intriguing but I can not forget your previous story about the ‘Toy Train’.

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