The Silent Creeper

I crept up upon her silently and slowly. I’m very wily that way. She didn’t realize what I was up to. When she did, she thought she’d be able to beat me. Unfortunately, her plans to get rid of me were always postponed. Somehow, she couldn’t find it in herself to be committed on a daily basis to combating me. And then, she started giving up totally. She didn’t care. I was ecstatic. There’s nothing I love more than a “participating victim”.

inside your oubliette

Last year, something within her snapped and she took some active steps to beat me. Two months of intense pressure began to tell on me. I began to let go of her little by little. But, as often happens with my victims, she couldn’t sustain the pressure. She gave in to the old habit of not caring. I’m creeping back in again.

I heard her promising herself that she’s not going to let that happen. Let’s see who wins.

Stay tuned.

~  Obesity The Silent Creeper
Today’s post is in response to Stuart Fish’s prompt ‘Creeping Obesity’ on his blog 4ABettaLife as part of BlogFEST2012.

Are you in a similar ‘fight’ with obesity? Who’s winning?




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17 Comments on “The Silent Creeper

  1. Loved the way those lines were written Corinne!

    Oh…don’t some of us battle with the issues of the weight! I sure was like that sometime back, and even now, when I stop my walks and eat a little hay-wire, I put on the weight I’ve shed. It’s almost like even the air gets to me. 🙂

    I guess keeping your body tuned and eating healthy all the time is what works for me to really win this battle. Nice to have you back. 🙂

  2. Boy do I know that battle, right now she is sneaking back. I am stronger than she, I know I am. Love the way you have written this.

  3. I love how you made this so mysterious and chilling! What original imagery, too, Corinne, with the pounds being the creepy companion to the unwitting (at first) victim. Brilliant, my friend!

  4. Good write Corinne. I like your voice here, except that though obesity is a monster, you’re no victim. Changing habits often takes a few tries. Glad you’re not giving up. You’re still a role model to me. I need to take my health more seriously, yet constantly find myself making the wrong choices. I’m not even fighting the monster. When will I start?

  5. WOW that was pretty amazing ..I found myself waiting for more and then realized it was about obesity,, something I too have struggled with all my life.. kudos to you Corinne…. As always…XOXOXOXOXO

  6. I am not giving up Corinne ! sailing in the same boat, its not an easy battle…. moving on persistently without giving up…

  7. Nicely done Corinne. weight is a battle we all have fought at some point in our lives. I refuse to fight it anymore – I’ve made it my friend and I try to coax it away.

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