Metaphysical Elements Help Harmonize Your Life

Could Metaphysical Elements Help Harmonize Your Life?

On holiday recently, I’ve been doing all sorts of reading. One thing I’ve been reading up about crystals and gemstones and healing stones. I’m wondering more and more if metaphysical elements help harmonize your life and surroundings. I’m not quite a convert yet, but I did find it interesting.

Could Metaphysical Elements Help Harmonize Your Life?

Metaphysics is a branch of philosophy which is answerable for existence. It includes everything which exists, plus the nature of existence itself. It states whether the world is real, or just an illusion. It is a fundamental view of the world around us. Metaphysical elements like crystals, semi-precious gemstones and healing stones originate from one integrated source that is Earth. Gemstones and crystals have a history of use in  ornamentation. They have been attributed metaphysical and spiritual properties. They come from exotic locales and are even related to  psychic science.

Geometrical form, subtle vibration and colour affect the energy field of various gemstones. Each stone is composed of tiny crystals that are in constant motion that release an energy signature or frequency. The colour of a gemstone plays a role in the stone’s healing energy. The light and colour can motivate or calm, purify or heal. There has always existed a magical and symbiotic relation between human beings and gems.


The supposed meaning, healing properties and spiritual significance

The metaphysical and spiritual value of these gemstones depends on dyed stones and their existence. Gemstones and crystals are an essential part of human life, signifying wealth and power. Their metaphysical meaning, healing properties, and spiritual significance are:

  • Some gemstones are excellent for both physical and spiritual healing, and can be used for any chakras.  Actinolite is utilized for maintaining the energies of the heart, and produces soothing energies and awareness.
  • Agate is regarded as a protective stone. It attracts strength and provides protection from stress, draining of energy and bad dreams.
  • Amethyst soothes the emotions, motivates clarity of thought, and helps in getting wisdom. It brings serenity and clarity. It has been considered as an aid to soberness and is helpful in giving up alcohol, and other dependencies.
  • The healing properties of black stone is associated with its darkness or blackness.
  • Azurite helps clean the mind in meditation. It awakens intuitions, insights and psychic ability.
  • Apache tears  remove hurdles and hindrances that hold you back. It makes you strong enough to forgive someone and assists in the grieving process.
  • Amazonite helps to balance energy and maintains harmony in relationships.
  • Calcite is a great energy amplifier and an excellent gemstone for cleansing and clearing.
  • Citrine helps to turn negativity into positivity. You feel joy and optimism after using it.
  • Diamond is regarded as the stone of inspiration and perfection.

You can find out more about the gemstones and their healing and spiritual properties through various online and offline sources. Here is a Youtube video describing the same.

Do you believe in the healing and energizing properties of stones and crystals?


Image of healing stones via Shutterstock

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