making the space to be ourselves
#MondayMusings - Faith and Spirituality

Making The Space To Be Ourselves #MondayMusings

There’s so much to do and apparently so little time to do it in. Last week, I told you of our recent Sisyphus moments. It’s times like that, that make you feel low and forget who you really are – lost as you get in the mundane. Don’t get me wrong. I have nothing against the mundane, every day routines of our lives. But when they take us away from from centering ourselves, from making the space to be ourselves, then I have a problem.

For example, for the last few weeks, I’ve stopped my practice of writing Morning Pages and my Bullet Journal, as I try hard to make it through. Nothing major happened to throw me off track. I guess I just lost sight of what’s important.

Making The Space To Be Ourselves

I read this anecdote yesterday and it spoke to me so loudly, that I just had to share it with you.

Every day after school, the son of a well-known Rabbi would enter his house, place his backpack on the dining room table, leave the house through the back door and head into the woods behind the house.
At first, the Rabbi gave little thought to his son day you leave our home to spend time in the woods. What is it you are doing there?”
“Oh papa,” the son replied. “There is no need to worry. I go into the woods to pray. It is in the woods that I can talk to God.”
“Oh,” the Rabbi said, clearly relieved. “But you should know, as the son of a Rabbi, that God is the same everywhere.”
“Yes, papa. I know that God is the same everywhere. But, I am not.”

From Terry Hershey‘s Sabbath Moments

The boy was right. We must honour those sacred spaces that make us feel centred. We must be very disciplined about making the space to be ourselves. Every single day.

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16 Comments on “Making The Space To Be Ourselves #MondayMusings

  1. Oh wow! That answer by the Rabbi’s son gave me a jolt! How true! There are spaces where I am myself, my most peaceful and happiest self. Places that are sacred to me, places that bring me alive. How I need to be in those places everyday lest I feel I missed out on something precious.

      1. it’s not too cluttered, but if you could delete a couple of things it could look spacious. it’s just my opinion, Corinne, because I like the minimalistic look. 🙂

  2. This post resonated and like how. Always love the way you bring out these beautiful facets of life to fore.
    That story is so very heart-warning.
    Such a simple thought yet supremely profound.

  3. I didn’t expect that answer from young boy. Now, I realize why we always can sleep nicely in our home on our own bed than in any other place and why we feel peaceful in a temple or feel relaxed enjoying the nature.

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