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Making Room For Change

I just took the True Happiness Test here and was told that I’m on my way towards long-term happiness! I know the major reason for this is the realization that I am responsible for my own happiness. And that yes, I’ve been hurt in the past but it’s up to me to revisit the past and rewrite it until it comes out differently. So let me tell you how I’m making room for change.

Making Room For Change

One area where I had to rewrite the script was about my weight. Over the last 7 or 8 years, I’ve been steadily gaining weight and not doing anything about it. Oh yes, I did try the gym, and walking, swimming and yoga, but nothing lasted for too long. I always had an excuse for not exercising and my choices about what I ate too where not always good. My health began to suffer – high cholesterol and high blood pressure started to show up at my medical tests. Yet, I hated people telling me that I had to lose weight, I knew I did. But it seemed that the more they told me, the harder I resisted.

It was not until recently, that I reflected on why this was. As I looked at old pictures of myself I saw that I wasn’t always fat, but that’s what I thought I was. I realized that I had very deep-seated issues with my perception of myself. More reflection, made me aware that these notions had come from significant people in my life saying to me: ‘You’d really look good, if only you lost a few kilograms….’ My image of physical self was further reinforced by someone telling me that I was ‘too fat’ for him to marry me!More reflection on this issue, made me realize that I had kept putting on layers of fat as a protection from   hurt and being let down. And then even when I had made peace with these experiences and let them go, the fat still stayed on. I asked myself if I was going to let past hurts dictate my future life. Was I going to put my health and happiness in jeopardy? No!

Was I willing to recreate a positive body image of myself? Was I willing to do the work it took to lose weight? I didn’t know if I was strong enough to do that on my own.  I knew that I had the complete support and encouragement of my husband. But I had got good at giving him various excuses for not exercising…..
I wasn’t sure what to do, but now I was open to making changes in my mind and body. I was open to being healthy. I was open to being at my ideal weight. I was open to making room for change.
And then out of the blue, I got the idea to go to a nature cure institute. That’s what I did last month. Fifteen days there has truly brought healing of my mind and body – I have begun to exercise regular and eat very healthy. I have lost a fair bit of weight – but more importantly, I’m enjoying my new lifestyle. I have a long way and many kilograms to go, but I know I’m further on the road to true happiness.
What are you doing towards being truly happy in your life?

May you be inspired – everyday! 

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