Making Permanent Lifestyle and Health Changes

Hit the Reset Button: Making Permanent Lifestyle and Health Changes

We are all creatures of habit to a certain degree and if you have got yourself into a routine where your diet is not as healthy as it could be and you are not giving your body much of a workout, there comes a point where you see that you need to reset those habits into better ones. Making permanent lifestyle and health changes are life-saving.

It might not seem that easy to break old habits at first glance but there are some tips and pointers to follow that make the task a whole lot easier and give you the chance to make some positive adjustments to your lifestyle and improve your health profile.

Here is a look at a way to improve your blood flow, what to eat to get your diet on a healthy track, ways to get a good sleep, plus some superfood suggestions to help your cause.

Hit the Reset Button: Making Permanent Lifestyle and Health Changes

Give Yoga a go

There are numerous plausible reasons why practicing yoga would be a key strategy for enjoying better long-term health prospects.

First of all, stretching your muscles will help to make your whole body a lot more flexible and that will give you the added strength and confidence to push your body into better shape in other ways too.

Another key point about yoga is that the twisting poses you adopt are designed to draw out venous blood from your internal organs and allow more oxygenated blood to flow instead.

When you consider that yoga will help to increase your blood flow and increase your level of mobility and flexibility this is a great habit to add to your lifestyle routine and there is every chance that you will soon notice some of those regular aches and pains disappearing.

Clean and green eating

If you take a look at your current eating and drinking regime there is a good chance that there will be room for improvement in terms of how much water you are drinking and what your regular food choices are.

Drinking plenty of water each day is a real no-brainer when it comes to health benefits and something like The Berkey Filters can help you get set with a way to ensure that you are giving your body clean and purified water.

If you need to reset your diet and change some of your eating habits it is probably going to be a bit of a challenge for the first couple of weeks but with a bit of willpower, you should be able to switch to a cleaner and greener diet.

Make a conscious effort to minimize your intake of sugar, grain, dairy, alcohol and processed foods for four weeks.

That can often be the amount of time it takes to break old habits and develop new ones, so aim to eat lots of vegetables and lean protein in that time and double up on the greens to give your system a proper clean and reset.

Get some rest

So many of us find it hard to switch off at night and there are so many modern distractions like smartphones and TV to prevent our bodies from switching off and getting a decent prolonged sleep.

Set a time in the evening where you are going to put your phone on silent, switch off the TV and computer and focus on clearing your mind and trying to relax.

Go for a walk or practice your new yoga techniques, maybe read a book or listen to some relaxing music. By the time you have unplugged and started to properly relax you will be ready for bed and will give yourself a great chance of enjoying a restful sleep and feeling re-energized in the morning.

Get into the habit of switching off at night and your body will thank you, out of kindness, with a more purposeful and unbroken sleep pattern.

Add some super foods

Another easy trick to help reset your health would be to add some super foods and supplements to your diet.

Turmeric is renowned for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory benefits and there are loads of ways to use it in your cooking. Matcha tea is also touted as a super food and its ability to bolster your immune system, and there are plenty of other super foods that are all capable of helping you get your body back on track.

Vitamin D and fish oil supplements are also worth considering and will give your system a helping hand in doing that reset that you have promised yourself and is tantalizingly close to being achieved with a little bit of willpower.


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3 Comments on “Hit the Reset Button: Making Permanent Lifestyle and Health Changes

  1. I have recently been implementing healthy lifestyle changes and it feels wonderful. I saw my biggest change in the way I felt when I gave up sugar, breads and dairy. I’m also going to bed earlier – when possible – and that has helped tremendously. – Great post with excellent points that actually work! Thanks Corinne

  2. It’s so true how it becomes difficult for us to switch off at night. Yoga has helped me a lot to become more healthy, active and stay focus. Btw I am missing my class today due to the rain. Corinne, this post is soulfully helpful to push the self to give the me time, a luxury in today’s times.

  3. Practising yoga, going for brisk evening walks and cutting down on sugar and reducing the portion of meals and increasing roughage have helped me in making some corrections and also reduce weight.
    The next on agenda is getting adequate rest/sleep.
    lot of wisdom in this wellness post. thanks Corrine.

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