Making Kindness the norm

Making Kindness The Norm #worldkindnessday #makekindnessthenorm

Today, November 13, is World Kindness Day.  This year, the Random Acts of Kindness organisation is suggesting that we focus on making kindness the norm.

Making Kindness The Norm

Making Kindness the norm

Kindness – the most powerful thing to teach our children

As Jose hobbled up the steps of the supermarket the other day, leaning on a walking stick (a muscle pull), I could hear the squeak-squeak of little shoes following slowly behind him. I turned to find a father ensuring his little 3 year old was not rushing Jose, but patiently walking behind. At the top of the stairs, I thanked the father for his patience and in my heart I was grateful for what he was teaching his son – kindness to strangers, not rushing someone who is struggling, patience!

I think that teaching young children to be kind is the most powerful thing we can do for them.

It’s today’s children who are going to lead the way in making kindness the norm.

Here are two other heartwarming stories of children encouraged by their parents to be kind and to reach to strangers in love.

Gracie Lutz feeding firemen in California

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@Regran_ed from @globalpositivenews – Many kind-hearted people have reached out to show their support to victims and first responders in the devouring fires in California. + Check out Chelsey Lutz and her 2-year-old daughter Gracie. In this video, 2-year-old Gracie is handing handmade burritos out to the exhausted firefighters while her mother is holding the box. ••• 🌻 Spread the good news by getting a cool t-shirt from our store 🎈 👇 Link in bio 👇 @globalpositivenews @globalpositivenews @globalpositivenews . . . #positivevibes #PositiveThinking #carrfire #carrfire2018 #californiafires #compassion #calfire #campfire #californiafire #goodvibes #kindness #california #positivevibe #mademecry #positivepeople #imnotcrying #positivepsychology #PositiveChange #imnotcryingyouarecrying #positiveminds #globalpositivenews #positiveliving #PositiveOutlook #news #positivethought #tanksgoodnews #positivewords #Positivenews #positivenergy #positivity

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What about this young Superhero, Austin Perine?

This 4 year old uses his allowance to buy sandwiches for the homeless. Going around in his cape, he hands over the sandwiches, with a little bit of advice, “Don’t forget to show love!”

You can read more about his superhero here.

Share your thoughts and stories on kindness

Write a post about kindness, share an experience in which you extended or received kindness. Let’s start making kindness the norm!

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5 Comments on “Making Kindness The Norm #worldkindnessday #makekindnessthenorm

  1. Corinne, first of all thank you for letting us know it is World Kindness Day.

    In today’s world where everyone is racing to get somewhere, it is so important to be patient. And with kindness I believe comes patience, or vice versa actually. 🙂
    Yes, kids have to be taught kindness else they will grow up to be a bunch of impatient adults, like the ones we see around us these days.

    I have had two very beautiful experiences in kindness , the last two days, and Oh! I so wish I could write about them. I’m living in a time crunch these days, with very little time for blogging. Till when is your linky open?

  2. All the three are such inspiring and beautiful stories of kindness. It’s important that we teach children to be kind and compassionate, so that kindness truly becomes a norm with all of us!

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