Love Knows No Cultural Barriers #fuelledbylove #LoveIndia

I believe that love knows no cultural barriers. Agree?

I’ve always been fascinated by the UK and its culture, probably because most of the stories I read growing up were set in the UK. I dreamed of visiting one day. How was I to know that I’d be lucky enough to get an all-expenses paid visit there when I joined a multinational firm with a large base in the UK?

I thoroughly enjoyed my visit and felt so at home. Apart from the warm hospitality of our colleagues, I got to sample English staples like fish and chips, lamb chops and of course, their famous scones! And even more interesting was the fact that we didn’t have to try too hard to find Indian food – almost like home-cooked. My only complaint about that visit was that it was too short!

It was also a great experience to work with our British colleagues when they visited India. To watch them taking in the sights and sounds of India, embracing its colours and variety, and their love for India helped me to appreciate even more the warmth, diversity and richness of my country.

I can honestly say that I learned so much from all these visits about mutual respect of cultures and how one can build a deep bond with others of different countries and backgrounds.

This heartwarming video from British Airways underlines my beliefs and experiences about culture never being a barrier to demonstrating love and kindness. The grandmother in this video reminded me of my own jet-setting grandmother when she ventured alone to visit her children in three different continents. And the warm welcome she and her family gave the British Airways air hostess in Hyderabad, reminded me of my grandparents’ home (also in Hyderabad) where many a visiting ‘foreigner’ was warmly welcomed with good food, music,  much laughter and soon became part of our extended family.


Do watch the video.

When I visited the UK, I swore to myself that someday I’d visit again with my love (no, I hadn’t met him yet!). That’s a promise I plan to keep sooner rather than later.


British Airways, who incidentally have been around in India for 90 years, with their customised services to India, now flying from London Heathrow direct to Hyderabad (also to New Delhi, Chennai, Bengaluru and Mumbai) have just made it easier for me to make this possible!

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6 Comments on “Love Knows No Cultural Barriers #fuelledbylove #LoveIndia

  1. I so agree Corinne that love has no cultural barriers. Such a lovely and touching video. Thank you so much for sharing it this morning and reminding us all of what is truly important! ~Kathy

  2. Thanks for sharing such a heart touching video Corinne! And love has no boundaries, for sure.. It can do wonders wherever it goes 🙂


  3. It really is all about the humanity of man and love, isn’t it. Today must be my day for that video, I’ve seen it twice! and loved it both times. As I love India and long to return.

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