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Living Life In Moments #MondayMusings

Goals, plans, bucket lists, schedules are all wonderful. But in the final analysis life comes down to the moments. As I watch my Mother’s life ebb away, never knowing when she will pass, I am reminded very strongly that it’s all about living life in moments. What I recall about her life are the moments – times we’ve laughed, times we’ve cried, moments we’ve been angry and other times we’ve expressed regret and apologized. Times we’ve said ‘I love you’…All the times I found notes from her reminding me that she loved me. Moments when I’ve felt terribly let down by her. Moments packed with life……Ordinary, everyday moments…

living life in moments

Living Life In The Moments

A monk once came to Joshu (Chinese Zen Master) at breakfast time and said, “I have just entered this monastery to learn about God. Please teach me.”
“Have you eaten you’re porridge yet,” asked Joshu.
“Yes, I have,” replied the monk.
“Then you had better wash your bowl,” said Joshu.

I read this story just yesterday and it appealed to me very strongly. Such wisdom in the Zen Master’s words. I do believe that we learn about life, find meaning, find God in the day to day details of our lives. Those ordinary moments of life that are so rich with meaning and possibility.

Learning to find meaning in the moments is what makes our existence a life!

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19 Comments on “Living Life In Moments #MondayMusings

  1. My prayers for your mom dear Corinne. As I was reading this I remembered my mom whom I lost when I was only 21. I still dwell in the lovely moments I lived with her so I know what you mean dear.

  2. Hugs and wishes to you Corinne. I went through a traumatic phase with my dad’s health last year and know what this worry and anxiety can be all about! Please stay strong – you are in my prayers!!

  3. This is sooooo true. Life is about memorable moments rather than to do lists. If we followed this rule, I wonder how different our lives would be… Pen x #mg

  4. This lesson is singing its way into my life these days as well. My own mum passed away this year — very suddenly — so I don’t know the feeling of the long and sad wait that you are experiencing, but I either way, we learn the importance and the value of the moments.

  5. So very true, Corinne—life is naught but moments, and each moment deserves to be treated as priceless. I’m so sorry to hear about your mom… I wish her much peace and light, and to you the strength of spirit to bear the loss. Sending you love from the other side of the globe!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  6. Corinne… as I read your musings, it reminded me about my father. He was a healthy man living his life to the fullest. We just had finished celebrating his 75th birthday… six years back. And two days later, he was just no more… He left as happily to the heavenly abode as he had lived his life! Without giving any notice to any one of us. All of us are now left with the moments… a treasure of moments that we had lived with him! I find solace when I reassure my self that even he might have carried those moments with him!
    -Anagha From Team MocktailMommies

  7. Prayers and blessing for you and your Family. May you stay strong. You are right Corinne, its the moments. Thanks for this. It reminded me of something.

  8. you have been on my mind so much, I hope you and your family are well, I wanted to let you know this is my featured post this week, my prayers are with you #mg

  9. Moments are what make life worthwhile. I’m glad for you even in your sorrow, Corinne, that you have had good moments with your mother and can recall them to chase away some of the bad moments. Cling to the good ones and let them sustain you. Big hugs to you!

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