Let's Not Wait Earth Hour Day 2021
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Let’s Not Wait #EarthHour

Today, 27 March 2021, is Earth Hour Day. Organized by the World Wildlife Fund, on Earth Hour Day people are encouraged to turn off all non-essential electronics and lights in their homes from 8:30-9:30 p.m. as a way to show their commitment to helping the planet. Let’s not wait to save our planet.

Let’s Not Wait

Let’s not wait until after it’s too late
The Earth has been warning us
Why don’t we listen?
We continue to abuse the planet
Ravaging, plundering and destroying it
Mostly to pander to our need for show.

How long will we go on this way?
Something has to give.
The pandemic has been a huge warning
But have we really heeded it?

Instead we abuse the voices of the young people
Warning us of the dangers of living this way
We throw them into prison
Claiming that they are a danger to us.

Let’s not wait!

Let's Not Wait Earth Hour Day 2021

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Today’s prompt for Kate Motaung’s 10 Day Writing Prompt challenge is : After. The challenge is to freewrite for five minutes each day. I will be sharing some of this writing on the blog but not in the order of the challenge.

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