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The Last Day

He seemed to take forever to get ready. He kept yelling, as usual.
“When will you ever learn to fry an egg? Useless woman!”
“How many times have I to teach you how to fold a d*** shirt?
Today, I was so tempted to answer back. But I bit my tongue. I knew it was my last day there.
At last, he left.
When his car was out of sight, I turned on the gas, took my bag and shut the door behind me.
A creature of habit, the moment he got into the house, he would light a cigarette!

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Domestic violence is a very present reality for many women all over the world. We often wonder why women stay on in relationships in which they are abused. A blogger friend of mine, herself a victim, shared her story on Everyday Gyaan in her post, Why Do We Stay?

In my story today, I’ve tried to capture the fear and anger of a victim. However, this one has made a choice to escape. She also made a choice to have her revenge. I’m not advocating violence and revenge against the perpetrators of domestic violence. But sometimes, victims are driven to violence – this is a reality, but rare.

In most cases, like my that of my friend, Kim Sisto Robinson’s sister, the violence ends in the tragic death of the victim.  Kim in her blog, My Inner Chick is constantly urging us to speak out for the victims – to be the voice of the voiceless.  Please read her post Silence Is A Killer‘ and take the pledge to never be silent again.


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9 Comments on “The Last Day

  1. The definition of abuse comes in many forms. I did not know that before. I had assumed it was only physical: hitting, punching, kicking.

    For example, my sister’s husband used his tongue and words as fists. These words changed her as a human being…

    This is abuse. Fully.

    We didn’t know. We would just say, “Oh, that’s just how he is. He must have had a poor childhood…..”

    He saved his most monstrous abuse for the end when he placed a gun to the back of her (Kay’s) head. You see, he was always a coward. He couldn’t even look her in the face.

    Thank you for your pro-activism, Corinne.

    Your voice MATTERS. Xxx

  2. That was quite a powerful post. And yes, domestic abuse in India probably remains one of the most under-reported crimes in the country. All our women are conditioned to taking this abuse from their husbands in the name of societal norms and all our men are conditioned to treating women as their slaves. There is simply too much that needs to be done to correct this situation, and posts like these are small baby steps in the right direction.

  3. Domestic violence is definitely one of the crimes in india that go unreported, unnoticed. Abuse is taken as a part of life in so many homes.

    This is a very eye opening post, Corinne. Thanks 🙂

  4. I experienced domestic violence in my first marriage. I endured it for 4 1/2 years. It was a nightmare I was glad to escape with my life. I was always thankful I didn’t have children with him. It was scary and I felt like a failure when it ended. I was thankful when I met my dear husband that I have now been with since 1996. He is my soul mate and different as night and day from the first. This was well written and perfectly captured the resolve and determination. Brilliant.

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