Kohlrabi: Everything you Need to Know About It

Kohlrabi: Everything you Need to Know About It

Kohlrabi may not be the prettiest veggie in the world of vegetables, but in the recent years, its consumption has increased a lot, and more and more people are adding it to their meals! So what is it really and how does it help you in terms of health? Keep reading to find out that and lots more.

Kohlrabi: Everything you Need to Know About It

Decoding Kohlrabi

One look at kohlrabi may tell you that it is a root vegetable, but truth is, it is infact, related to the cabbage family. This veggie has a distinct smell and flavor similar to that of broccoli, texture similar to that of apple and can be used as a replacement for cabbage and turnips in many dishes.

Packed full of vitamins and minerals, kohlrabi also has tons of health benefits associated with its consumption. You’ll also be surprised to know that the leaves of this veggie are also packed with nutritional benefits, which is another added plus.

As a plant, kohlrabi grows pretty easily, and doesn’t need a lot of care and attention. Infact, in some countries, it is also being used as food for livestock.

Health Benefits of Kohlrabi

You may not find kohlrabi on the list of vegetables known for their nutritive value, but that doesn’t make this veggie any less important. There are tons of health benefits associated with adding more of this to your diet. Here are just a few!

  • Owing to the fact that it is a cruciferous vegetable, kohlrabi is packed with lots of fiber, which keeps the digestive system healthy and functioning at its best. This fiber content also helps reduce bloating and constipation.
  • Some study reports have revealed that adding more of kohlrabi to your diet can help you lose weight. This is because this veggie is incredibly low in calories and full of fiber which makes it perfect for a weight loss diet.
  • Some researchers also believe that this veggie can help regulate blood pressure levels which can, in turn, reduce the risk of stroke and other cardiovascular problems.
  • Feeling tired and sluggish? Kohlrabi can help. Being an impressive source of potassium, kohlrabi can keep you alert and energetic and more active in general.
  • Kohlrabi has also been found to contain good amounts of iron, calcium and manganese, all of which are known to be amazingly helpful in boosting bone health and strengthening the skeleton of the body.

Adding it to your Meals

Do a quick Google search and you’ll be surprised to see the number of recipes out there that include this seemingly wacky vegetable. Being a popular choice in Germany, you’ll find tons of recipes that include incorporating this boiled veggie in cream, transforming it into a sort of thick sauce. If you’re into healthy eating, you can also add it to your salads.

Don’t mind getting fancy? You can add a mixture of ground meat and spices to a hollowed out kohlrabi and bake it!

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2 Comments on “Kohlrabi: Everything you Need to Know About It

  1. I made a soup of it once after reading its health benefits.. Also I had it at someone’s place and it tasted awesome. But didn’t turn out well when I tried it. Also as have hypothyroid, I avoid cruciferous veggies.

  2. I haven’t thought about kohlrabi in ages. My grandmother grows it in her garden, and she used to feed it to us as part of our afternoon snacks when my siblings and I visited. It’s delicious.

    So glad you know about it, too!

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