It’s Not Just Tulips In Amsterdam

Our virtual travel series takes us to Amsterdam today. This city is visited by approximately 3.5 million tourists every year. It’s full of tourist attractions and it’s perfect for a weekend getaway, even for celebrities.

Amsterdam is the official capital of Holland, according to the constitution – although the government headquarters, the official residence of the Queen and the vast majority of the embassies are located in Hague.

Amsterdam has an impressive architecture, many channels spread throughout the city, lovely stores that satisfy even the most passionate shopper, many tourist attractions and – most of all – friendly and welcoming people!

This is a city that has something for everyone, no matter what you are looking for. Here you can find culture and history, wild parties and simple joys and relaxed charms of an old European city.


Amsterdam is a tourist city with a population of over one million. There are many tourist information centers in the city center that can offer you daily information regarding the many attractions and interest point in the city: museums, events, festivals or any other kind of activities.


An ideal destination for a long weekend, Amsterdam, is a perfect location for walking. You can explore the entire city by foot. There is a free walking tour available around the city starting from Dam Square. You can visit Jordaan, close to the home of Anne Frank. These tours are perfectly coordinated and an ideal experience for your first day.

There are many hotels, varying from one star to five. You can also choose from a large variety of hostels or other internationally known chain of hotels.

The channels are an important part of the city, playing a major role in the birth and expansion of it. A boat ride is the perfect way to visit most of the attractions in Amsterdam and to be introduced to the history of the place. There are many companies that offer tours by day, and by night you can also enjoy a candle lit romantic dinner on board.


You will surely be delighted by the multiculturalism of the city and by the buildings and remarkable architecture. You will also find many recreations spots like parks and many green areas.

Amsterdam is surely the center point of Holland – a modern city full of history, where every tourist can find its fun and joy of life. The city has an international airport, Schiphol, the fourth largest airport in Europe.

There are many trains and very good roads linking the airport to the city. The Central Station is right in the heart of the city and it serves both as a train station and as a bus stop. You can easily access Amsterdam by train or plane; the city is well connected internally and externally to the European highways, being also an important port for ship lines that cross the oceans of the world.

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