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It’s a Boxer

Our search for a puppy has finally ended. And happy to say it’s a boxer!

It’s A Boxer

Any misgivings we had about getting a boxer were put to rest when we saw these wonderful dogs up close and personal! They’re big and a little intimidating to look at, but looks are truly deceptive….they’re ever so friendly. 

We spoke to quite a few ‘breeders’ (supposedly), who turned out to be nothing more than agents or ‘fixers’ in Mumbai. All they asked is, ‘What breed? What color? Male or female?’ Once we had answered their questions, they named their price (exorbitant), and told us that it would be on our doorstep the following day. Mail-order puppies, we were clear were not our cup of tea. We wanted a puppy the old-fashioned way – ‘meet’ the mother and take a look at the puppies and choose the one we liked.

Fortunately, a Google search, led us to contact Kamal, a dog breeder in Hyderabad. We were impressed with Kamal and our experience for the following reasons:

  1. Kamal and his family are truly dog lovers. 
  2. He wanted us to visit the puppies. Perhaps, also to check us out 😉
  3. He was clear that he would not undertake a mail-order.
  4. We got to ‘meet the parents’ – Suzy and Rana.
  5. We got to pick out a puppy that suited us.
  6. He refused to part with the pup until it has been weaned and is feeding independently.

So here’s how we got to meet three wonderful adult boxers – Suzy, Rana and Scooby; one very naughty 3 month old boxer – Boozo; and of course, eight little bundles of joy…….. of which, one is our very own Pablo!

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12 Comments on “It’s a Boxer

  1. I am really glad the breeder genuinely cares for the pups and their parents, and takes pains to see who makes a home for each of these delightful, little bundles of licks and laps, and bounces and cuddles, and wags and cuteness 🙂

  2. awww…so cute!Boxers are very friendly though they look quite fierce..and We got our baby too the old fashioned way coz her omom’s owneres wanted to check us out:Dso that shows that Kamal is a genuine person and an animal lover((hugs))Pablo…so cute..waiting to read tales of Pablo and the hurricane that he will be :Dsocks,slippers et all need to dspr ASAP. 😀

  3. Gosh! Congratulations!Envy you for having a gorgeous little pup to care for 🙂 All of ours are grown [though some of them still have to realize it, lol!]!Glad also to know that there are breeders who are sensitive to their pets, and his firmness in weaning the little one, before letting you have it:)Hope you all have a great time together!

  4. Congrats! I love dogs and had a two wonderful pets while growing up. Planning to get a pug this summer. Would ask you for tips then . Best of all luck with the new addition to the family! 🙂

  5. The boxer pup is so cute and absolutely love them. Congrats for the new family member. My friend writes on pets and she just started the blog. Do check out her posts and will share in DM.

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