Is Your Furniture Practical or Just for Show?
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Is Your Furniture Practical or Just for Show?

When it comes to decorating our homes with furniture, there are two main considerations that you have to keep in mind; is your furniture practical or just for show?

This might sound like a strange way to categorize your furniture, but there are some big differences between practical furniture and flashy furniture that just looks nice but doesn’t really serve much purpose. In many cases, you can’t really get both unless you have a huge budget, hence why we typically need to choose between fancy furniture or practical furniture.

So here are a couple of consideration to keep in mind when choosing furniture.

Is Your Furniture Practical or Just for Show?

Furniture that serves multiple purposes

First, are you picking furniture that serves multiple purposes? For example, an ottoman is a great example of a practical piece of furniture that can be used as a footstool, a seat, and even for storage because it can open up. This is a fantastic piece of furniture to get because it serves many different purposes, thus saving you space. It’s a great budget option that we can certainly recommend.

Furniture that is quick and easy to maintain

Next, think about how much time it takes to maintain your furniture. Something like a bedside table marble might seem pricey for what it is, but in reality, it’s very easy to maintain and it’s extremely durable which extends its lifetime. This is completely different to a cheap wooden bedside table that not only looks a bit tacky but can actually be a pain to maintain due to the poor construction.

Furniture that can easily change colour

Furniture doesn’t technically change colour (at least, not with today’s technology!) but there are some types of furniture that can easily be transformed if you’re willing to put in a bit of work. For example, a sofa is a great candidate for a piece of furniture that can transform if you’re willing to place different upholstery, blankets, and pillows on it. Similarly, modular shelving can be an extremely practical and affordable way to transform your shelves and storage cabinets at a moment’s notice.

Furniture that you use every day

It’s perfectly fine to invest in everyday furniture pieces even if they’re a little outside of your budget. Everyday furniture pieces such as your bed, a coffee table, sofa, and even your dining chairs tend to get a lot of use. As such, investing in them to ensure they’re both practical and stylish is a fantastic idea.

Furniture that isn’t just for looks

Furniture can usually be bought just for its looks. Whether it’s an expensive armchair from a reputable designer or a table made from the finest wood, there are loads of pricey options for getting something unique. However, you should start thinking more about furniture that isn’t just for looks. If it’s practical, then you should consider getting furniture that serves multiple features in addition to looking great. This ultimately helps you save space and money and is a far better approach when designing your rooms.

Image Credits: Photo by Nathan Fertig on Unsplash, Photo by Brina Blum on Unsplash

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  1. A helpful post on keeping furniture, multi functional and making sure it doesn’t cramp on spaces in the house. I believe in creating more space and transformation as you advocates is really helpful for people planning to make a new house or avoid buying just for the sake of.

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