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Invite Peak Awareness | Grateful Perspective – Day 3

On Day 3 of the Grateful Perspective series, I stop to invite peak awareness.

Peak experiences are those that engulf all our senses and leave us feeling more connected than ever to ourselves and our shared humanity. These experiences can also deliver us in awe and a larger landscape for hope. Peak awareness refers to the insights gleaned from our moments of peak experience.

Kristi Nelson

Invite Peak Awareness

I stop to focus on my breathing, become aware of my breath, the present moment and everything around me.

Recalling The Peak Experience

I had been to a beach before, but it was a crowded one and I was with others. This experience of the beach was so different. It was early morning and I was alone on a very long stretch of a beach that had hardly a soul around. I can still recall the sound of the gentle waves lapping, the feel of the wet sand under my feet, the cool breeze blowing and most of all the sight. The sunrise and its reflection on the water and the horizon stretching endlessly.

Reflecting On The Peak Experience

Through this experience, I felt the vastness of the Universe and it filled me with awe. I felt the very real presence of God in those moments. I was assured that just as the Universe in all its size and wonder is taken care of, I too will be taken care of. There was no need for me to be afraid. I felt a new and renewed sense of faith and assurance of well-being.

Invite Peak Awareness Into Life

To this day, any time I visit a beach I am filled with awe at the wonder of Nature and the vastness of the Universe. When I feel low and burdened, I can invite peak awareness. I plug in to the energy of a God who created it all. I feel renewed and nourished.


What experience in your life can you recall that was a moment of deep awareness for you?

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4 Comments on “Invite Peak Awareness | Grateful Perspective – Day 3

  1. Lovely post. Took me back to my immersive experiences such as these – those by the sea, watching the sunset from our terrace, birding and sitting in the garden.

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