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Interior Design Inspiration: Color In Nature, 2019

Getting Back To Nature

Today’s interior design options are more organic than perhaps they’ve ever been. You can outfit your bedroom to look like a scene from the middle of a forest. Computers and paint matching could conceivably give you the ability to paint a mural designed such that, from the perspective of the bed, it actually feels like you’re in the forest. Interior design inspiration has no boundaries.

Such an undertaking is a bit beyond the ken of the average homeowner, but it’s not something impossible. In fact, it’s something you can effect in various degrees throughout your property. From the exterior paint scheme to the tile in the kitchen, you can court that “natural” feel that has such a refreshing effect.

Interior Design Inspiration: Color In Nature, 2019

Cabinetry Considerations

You don’t have to “go all the way” right from the outset, however. You might want to try changing the feel of things first. For example, maybe the kitchen has stainless steel cabinetry, but you’re thinking of a more “cabin” sort of feel. You might consider some of these nice looking cabinets. They’re Ready To Assemble, or RTA, and can be fit to almost any space.

Or how about the spacing of your home itself. Sometimes there are walls between rooms that aren’t really necessary, they’re just in place to section off areas of your premises. This may be ideal, or it may not be. If you’ve got a non-supporting wall, you might knock it down to open up the insides of your home and change the way light flows throughout.

Interior Design Inspiration: Color In Nature, 2019

Bringing The Inside Outside

Sometimes design from nature involves remodel. You might even bring the indoors outside. There are cantilevered pergolas which can be used to let the sun in, or block it—and perhaps a rain storm—out. You could construct such a pergola over a DIY deck, giving yourself an extended living room out the back patio and facing what nature exists at the edge of your property.

Vines In The Corners

What about flora? Today it’s possible to get more diverse plants from more corners of the globe than ever before. You can even get the seeds to grow your own flora as you see fit. Have you ever nurtured a vine throughout the house? It slowly grows, and you can extend it throughout your home or apartment, giving a festive, natural feel to the home organically.

Color-Matching Paint

Color-matching was referenced briefly earlier, but it bears closer examination. Computational technology makes it possible to exactly match the shades of paint you mix. In this way, you can really make your home feel organic. Get some bark and color-match it, or a green leaf, or sensuous violet flower; whatever suits you and your home.

A Minimalist Approach

Consider sustainable minimalism as well. Modern trends in technology and design are all about diminishing that which isn’t necessary. Luxury is excellent, but you don’t have to pack your home wall-to-wall with decoration to achieve a natural, peaceful, organic vibe.

Consider the Bonsai tree. In Japan, these miniature trees are cultivated in spherical containers such that they appear to be miniature environments all on their own. In lieu of vines, potted plants, or other flora, you might have a little bonsai tree in its container on a coffee table in the living room.

Synthetic Solutions

Something additional to consider are synthetic options made to appear natural, such as LVP flooring, or Liquid Vinyl Plank. This flooring is durable, cost-effective, and can be made to match natural tones such that it appears, say, wooden. Wood floors are wonderful, but they’re expensive, and prone to water damage. Meanwhile, LVP lets you have your cake and eat it.

Interior Design Inspiration: Color In Nature, 2019

Finding The Options That Best Fit Your Property

Whatever works best for your home in terms of natural design will depend on your stylistic proclivities, the age of the property, and what sort of resources you bring to the table. Still, today’s technology makes it possible for you to expand the capabilities of design beyond previous thresholds. You can design your entire interior living area to reflect the outdoors.

Consider where things are, where you’d like them to be, and what sort of options may fit what you’ve got to work with. There’s always potential for improvement, and if you do a good enough job, you may even expand property value.

Image Credits: Pixabay, Pixabay

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  1. Designing with nature in mind is, to me, the most human way to design a home. Nothing refreshes the mind and spirit like bringing elements of nature inside. Also, I just love your sense of humour Corinne!

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