Intentionally Calm in April
Intentional in 2024 - Word of the Year

Intentionally Calm In April

It’s closer to the end of the month and this post, which was due at the start of April, has been lying in my drafts! (Don’t be confused by the use of the future tense in the rest of the post – I wrote this on the 1st of April!)But no matter what, I’m determined to get this out and share that my theme for April is Intentionally Calm, built around my Word of the Year for 2024 – Intentional.

April is going to be a month of change and letting go and quite a lot of stress in meeting a deadline of vacating our Mumbai flats. The building is being demolised to make way for a new construction, and we have to move all our stuff to Hyderabad. So it’s sorting, priorotizing, getting rid of things and making sure that everything is ready for the packers. There’s also all kinds of official paperwork that José has to sign. So overall, it’s going to be a bit crazy and it’s easy to get anxious and stressed.

On an average day, most of your stress comes from the way you respond, not the way life is. Adjust your response and all that extra stress is gone. Truly, inner calmness among chaos is a superpower that frees you to focus more effectively on what actually matters.

Marc & Angel Chernoff

Intentionally Calm In April

I’m not sure where I found this set of questions from, but I found them really useful to answer when my anxiety peaks.

  • What can you see, smell, hear, feel and taste?
  • What is happening in your body right now?
  • What are you thinking?
  • What are you feeling?
  • What do you fear here and now?
  • What do you hope here and now?
  • What do you want here and now?
  • What do you need here and now?
  • What can you offer here and now?

Focusing on my breathing, responding to some of the questions above, being mindful of what I can and cannot control is what is going to keep me calm this month.

I’m closing with an affirmation from Morgan Harper Nicols:

May every deep breath symbolise a small step in letting go.

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4 Comments on “Intentionally Calm In April

  1. It’s absolutely pertinent to set intentions such as these, especially when our cup over flows. I can imagine how full your hands are, Cory. So do take time to breath and be amidst all that the external, worldly demands.

    It must be a melancholic moment to see your homes being brought down, but change is the only constant and greener pastures await you and Josè.

    God speed and tons of good vibes to tide through anything that isn’t aligned.

  2. Glad you got out the post. A counsellor once explained the 5,4,3,2,1 technique to stem anxiety and panic attacks. That’s really useful. Answering the questions you have written seems to be something similar. Putting in words things one fears often takes away the fear. Hope April hasn’t been too taxing. Good luck with the sorting.

  3. That quote by Marc & Angel Chernoff sounds good for being mindful of how we respond to chaos. I hope your tough days of vacating your Mumbai flats and moving the stuff are behind you now that the month of April is almost over. And, the May month be much easier for you to practice intentional calmness.

  4. Im glad the mumbai tasks are done and April has passed on by calmly 🙂
    I have lately been taking some journaling workshops and reading subs that have helped.

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